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Apr 13, 2007 09:13 AM

Cooking Light

So sadly I am on weight watchers and am trying to figure out good recipes to make so I'm not so depressed. I have tons of Cooking Light cookbooks on my shelves, and over the years have made some good things out of them (I usually change the recipes to take out processed foods etc.). Does anyone else use their recipes and if so, what are your favorites?

My favorite is the Raspberry Balsamic Chicken (although I use apricot preserves rather than raspberry)

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  1. Off the top of my head, I loved the salmon with curried pineapple essence.

    1. My husband was dieting last year and we did a ton of cooking from Cooking Light. Some of our favorites:

      "Fried" chicken with cucumber and fennel raita:

      Honey hoisin pork tenderloin:

      Roasted fresh corn, poblano, and cheddar pizza:

      Tuna with miso chili sauce:

      1. I use a lot of their recipes - will be hard for me to pick which ones are from CL and which are not.

        Some of my "light" recipes (keep in mind light doesn't always mean healthy, just better than the full-fat/calorie version):
        - Strawberry shortcakes (CL)
        - Orzo salad with chickpeas, scallions, feta (CL)
        - light buffalo chicken tenders
        - mushroom turkey meatloaf
        - peach upside down cake (really good) (CL)
        - stuffed peppers
        - I think it was CL that I found savory bread pudding recipes using whole wheat bread?? If so, definitely look for those recipes - it was a whole article - very good and filling.

        Good luck!!! I think there are tons of good recipes and ways to cut down on fat & calories without sacrificing too much flavor. And some things are NOT worth saving on - some things are worth splurging on!

        1. PS: Eating Well is another good mag.

          1. Cooking Light recently lifted its password protection on its website for recipes. :-))

            This recipe recieved 5 stars from the cooking light readrs and 58 reviews are posted.

            Here's the link:


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              Good! Now I don't have to peek at the PW while in line at the grocery store :)