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Apr 13, 2007 09:00 AM

Has anyone been to New Wild Salmon

On 3rd Ave & 40th? Any good?

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  1. Not open for customers yet.

    1. The mussels are amazing.

      1. Another one of those Jeffrey Chowdoro (a la Kobe Club) concepts. All hype, all about chic chic, and no substance whatsoever. Take your money somewhere else.

        Bet ya that it will be on Eater's death watch in 6 months.

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        1. re: foodiechan

          Hold on a minute here! We went opening weekend and, while it's not the most exciting joint in town, it certainly is a solid alternative to Docks across the street or even Grand Central Oyster Bar. Pristine raw bar with many West Coast selections, as you'd expect. Addictive (and salty) flatbread, as noted in Bloomberg. At least six West Coast microbrews on tap. Three types of salmon (had the sockeye; was too cheap to try the king), prepared and sauced in a jillion possible combinations (cedar-planked: fine and simple) (morel wine sauce: way over-powering). Cioppino and corn/crab chowder were also unpretentious and satisfying. In fact, I'd say the whole experience was about as hype-free and un-chic as you can get. If that translates to buzz-free and therefore boring, then that's New York's loss. Seattle seemed to appreciate Ramseyer a lot more...

          1. re: Andy T.

            Thks Andy T. Is this the place in the hotel that no one seems to know about? I'll take non-trendy, not a scene any day. Had a lovely, quiet dinner here awhile back and didn't know they had closed and re-opened. I'll add it back to my midtown list for low key seafood places.

            1. re: financialdistrictresident

              You're probably thinking of Salmon River, in the Clarion on 40th, near the NYPL. Haven't been there; was briefly discussed on a few months back. They appear to still be open. Wild Salmon is on 3rd Ave, near 40th or 39th...

              1. re: Andy T.

                Thanks. I think I was thinking of Salmon River Sad I live near a Seaport and I have to go to midtown, etc. for seafood.