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Apr 13, 2007 08:49 AM

Looking for a good bistro...

Looking for a solid bistro for a weeknight dinner, with quintessential bistro fare, in Hell's Kitchen or lower. I was considering going to Balthazar since I haven't ever been there for dinner, but would also be willing to try something different, preferably with a similar price point. Reservations would be a plus.

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    1. You may wish to consider La Petite Auberge on Lex & E. 28 St. I've been there twice, and enjoyed it both times.

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        La Petite Auberge is one of our favorites. The bistro classics served there never fail to be solidly-prepared and delicious. The owners -- one of whom is always on the premises -- are currently celebrating their 30th anniversary, and when we were there a few days ago, we were gifted with glasses of Champagne.

        I do want to note that, although I haven't been to Balthazar, I've seen photos and read enough about it to know that the ambiance at La Petite Auberge is totally different. At LPA, the decor is like a cozy, rustic inn in Britanny (which is where the owners came from), and the overall atmospherics are quiet and civilized. There are those who avoid it because they feel the clientele is too "mature"; however, lately, there has been an influx of younger diners who have discovered LPA's charms.

      2. Village on w 8th or 9th. Very nice local atmosphere. Cheaper than Balth.

        1. Love Balthazar's for dinner

          1. Cafe de Bruxelles - Had the pungentest croque monsieur of my life there. The gruyere was incredible. Great beer selection. Solid wines. And it's near The Vanguard!