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Apr 13, 2007 08:44 AM

Must-Visit Napa Wineries

If you could only go to 1 or 2 Napa wineries, which would they be?

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  1. I love Luna on Silverado. I am even a member of their wine club. They have friendly and attentive counter service and they make mostly italian variatals. They have a great Sangiovese and you can take a tasting up to their tower overlooking their vineyard. Silverado is also a bit off the touristy beaten path.

    Another great place is Clos Du Val also on Silverado. They're a bit busier than Luna, but also have great wines to taste.

    1. I prefer the smaller wineries of the Spring Mountain district. More about the wine, less about marketing.

      1. I love Duckhorn. The way they present their wines is excellent. It's a pretty setting and the wine is fantastic. Be aware that a reservation is recommended. I also enjoy Domaine Chandon mostly because of their lovely patio. The sparkling wine is not unusual but tastes oh so delicious when enjoyed out on the patio.

        1. It's gotta be Pride from up atop Pride Mountain..heck of a wine, beautiful scenery

          1. Shramsberg Vinyards, for the American Sparkling and there Howell Mountain (Diamond Mountain?) Cab (fantastic history and tour of caves plus a lovely property) and Joseph Phelps for an overall view of winemaking in their tour and tasting program, great site for a pinic (make reservations).

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