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Apr 13, 2007 08:26 AM

Boujadi - Anyone been recently?

Going to this Morrocan place (Eglinton / Allen Rd) area for dinner tonight with friends. Is this place good? Any recommendations? Any info would be great!


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  1. Was there a couple of months ago. Very casual, but darn tasty Moroccan food. I love the onion tagine w/chicken. Get the appetizer platter so you each taste several apps. Mint tea to finish dinner is lovely. Desserts are not so good (for my tastes), as they use no dairy in their cooking.

    1. I live not too far away and go there quite regularly.

      DRINKS: The place is licenced, but the wine and beer selection is pretty limited, and I don't trust that place to make cocktails - alcohol's just not their forte (although I've never tried arak there). So I usually get a glass of Moroccan Ice Tea (cool tea with mint leaves in it... pretty nice, except lately they started making it with what seems like very little tea... I've had glasses that were mostly water with mint leaves soaking in it. Still refreshing, but not tea.) Their homemade lemonade is too sour for my tastes.

      FOOD: Generally very nice. I like just about everything I've had there, and I've had almost everything. Delightful beet salad and cigar&triangle appetizer are my favourite starters. And as for the main, any tajine/couscous is a great choice. Some of my favs are meatball pasha, couscous royalle and damn near all the tajines (chicken may be least favourite, liver most favourite).

      DESSERT: Turkish coffee is good. Moroccan tea (poured from unbelieveable heights by the server :-)) is good. The desserts are ok; nothing too special, but will do if you have a hankering for something sweet afterwards. I usually get that orange blossom pastry, or whatever they call it...

      Overall, I recommend the place. Happy meals! :-))

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