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Apr 13, 2007 07:32 AM

Saltwater Grille & Schoolhouse at Cannondale

Looking for a place for a late dinner tonight. Noticed that Saltwater is taking reservations for tonight on Has anyone had the chance to try it yet? Also, has anyone been to the Schoolhouse at Cannondale in Wilton? What was the food/experience like?

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  1. Went to Saltwater for lunch yesterday. The space is pretty impressive, food was good, menu was pretty varied in regard to prices and selections.

    1. Went for brunch a few weeks ago - it is, in a word, SPECTACULAR. My husband and I are in manhattan and are foodies who've tried just about everywhere. Cant say enough about SchoolHouse - Tim LaBant is masterful. The gnocci! my goodness, it was sublime.

      1. My boyfriend and I went to the Schoolhouse for dinner on Thursday night and cannot wait to go back. It was absolute perfection. I've been to a lot of nice restaurants around the country, but never before have I been given a chilled fork to go with my salad. The attention to detail was amazing, as was every bite of every plate. I had read on previous posts that the menu was small, but there were more choices than I expected. I had the filet as the main course, but can't wait to try the pork done three ways, and the clam and corn chowder smalled and looked incredible. I just wish I lived closer!

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          Schoolhouse is definitely amazing. We're going to a Spanish tasting dinner next Tuesday over there. I will be sure & report back!