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Apr 13, 2007 07:30 AM

De Cero

I'm going to De Cero with a large group of people. I don't know too much about it and was wondering if there is anything really good that we should not miss.

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  1. Others will disagree, but I LOVE De Cero. Here's a few tips to ensure you are happy:

    1. Only order tacos. Do not order any of the other entrees. They have about 20 different kinds of tacos on the menu and you can do a "flight" of them as your meal.

    2. They excel at their pork tacos. The other meats are pretty good, but I always find myself loving the pork ones.

    3. Don't expect amazing service.

    You will have a good time. And I promise you someone will order an entree instead of tacos and will say "eh".

    1. If you can handle $12-14 margaritas as the servers try to push you into their "premium" versions, and don't mind paying $3-4 dollars for a tiny taco, you'll have a great time, if service isn't something you expect at a premium priced place. De Cero was one of my bigger restaurant disappointments within the past year. It was a second visit, and was a mirror reflection of the first.

      1. I happen to like De Cero but can see its faults. After many visits, I have found items I truly love and can keep the price of dinner down, somewhat. Here's what to try: the duck nachos--if you do not like duck, you can sub chicken. Order the guac (not the salsas, as they come with the taco platter). Have the regular margs w/o the premium booze--they are $8-$9 and not bad (or go across street to Perez where margs are much cheaper and better as the food can be, too). Agree that you must have tacos. I love the battered catfish, tomatillo pork and chipotle chicken. The tamales are also surprisingly good. If you have a sweet tooth, try the chocolate brownie. You will not be disappointed.

        1. Also be careful with big groups, as if one person orders the upcharged preimum margs, you may see them bring other people the same and the bill will be huge. someone should take control of all ordering.