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Mexican/Central American in Westchester County

Can anyone please recommend Mexican or Central American restaurants in Westchester County. Most convenient to me would be White Plains, Elmsford, Valhalla, Pleasantville area.

Thank you.

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  1. There are lots of places, particularly in New Rochelle, Port Chester, Ossining, and White Plains. I suggest you try searching the site first to get a general sense of the discussion so far--there's been quite a lot--and then come back with specific questions. Hope this is helpful.

    1. I went with Los Gemelos last week in Port Chester. Very tasty carnitas. Very thick, sturdy tortilla chips with chunky guac. I was put off by the chips at first bite, but enjoyed them very much by the third. They have recently moved us the street from their posted address. Maybe 2 blocks uphill on the same side of the street.

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        Los Gemelos moved up the street??? That's surprising. Man, I'm really out of touch there in PC right now, I guess! It's been a good 2 months since I ate there. Ever since my office moved farther from PC, I don't have the same proximity.

        what is the new address? It's been 167 Westchester ave for ages. Do you know the cross street now? I can't even visualize a space big enough for them to move into up the street... very curious now.

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          There was a posting in October, 2005 that a hole in the wall place on Route 9A in Elmsford called "California Tex Mex Deli" is really good. Has anyone been there recently?

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            Mea maxima culpa! We drove out having looked up the address and written it down as 107 Westchester. We drove up and down that block, found 107 was an empty storefront with mattresses stacked inside. Sighed deeply, drove a block or two and parked .... right in front of Los Gemelos! It looked freshly painted, so we figured they had moved. We figured it was fate, not our stupidity. The food made the hunt worthwhile.

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              Hmmm ... I ate at Los Gemelos a few weeks ago and it was the same location.

            2. You really need to do a search first. We talk about this quite often.

              White Plains:

              Veracruz- Mexican on W. Post Rd

              El Miski- Peruvian on W. Post Rd

              There are a ton of others...

              1. Hearing good things about Sunset Grille in WP. Friends who are living there temporarily swear by it. Check other threads, as it's been mentioned elsewhere.

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                  Still quite good, and the pomegranate martinis are still outstanding, imo. However, Don Emilio is gone!

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                    I, for one, love Sunset Grille - it is not your typical taco and burrito place. We also went to Boxcar Cantina in Greenwich last week and found it to be yummy. A tad over priced but great food.

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                      Have been to Sunset Grille twice and very much enjoyed it both times. The sangria is yummy!

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                      I went to Sunset Grille for the first time last weekend and must agree with all the recommendations!... I especially loved the enchiladas.

                    3. Two years ago, I went to a place called Guadalajara in Briarcliff Manor. It was a Saturday night. I waited an hour, snacking on amazing chips and guacamole. Sat down to dinner w/ a mariachi band. The food was very good. I've been wanting to go back, but haven't gotten the chance-- don't want to wait. But of all of the Mexican places I've tried in NY, it's the best.


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                          I haven't been in a couple of years, but I really liked Cayote Flaco (Mexican) in Port Chester.

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                            I have to disagree with the Casa Maya rec... have never been really impressed.

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                              I agree, I think it's lousy to be honest.

                        2. Saw a cople of posts for Casa Maya...but it shoud be avoided like the plague.
                          The guacaomle is chunky...but chunky with onion not avocado...which might be run through a food processor before being mixed in. They use no lime, cilantro or jalapeno either. Just huge chunks of onion. The chicken is all the dishes in unseasoned and they just rely on the sauce to cover up the blandness. Bottom line...one expensive step up on Taco Bell.

                          1. Avoid Casa Maya.
                            The best stuff in in Port Chester - Restaurants from all over south and central america. Good Mexican places there as well.