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Apr 13, 2007 06:38 AM

Eats Place with Belly Dancing

Bringing some friends into NYC (we live in CT) on a wkend coming up
- - one of them desparately wants to go to a place with good ethnic food AND belly dancing.<lol>
......we will have a couple of 18 yr olds with us - so no hookah places please..
..................don't want to eat too late if we don't have to.
......but not talking at 5 pm either! <grins>

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  1. call darna, a moroccan restaurant on 2nd ave btw 34 & 35th streets. we went there recently on the recommendation of another poster and had a great meal, and as it was saturday they had a belly dancer.

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    1. re: wleatherette

      Thanks - so I had a little while and did some off chowhound websurfing hoping to get a list of places to eat with Belly dancing

      Here is what I have ( no particular order) - looking for comments:

      Maia Meyhane
      L'Orange Bleue
      Frankies & Mocca
      Tangine Dining

      1. re: few

        The food at Tagine (no n before the g) is pretty authentic Moroccan and not bad. They have one corner where you can sit on rugs and pillows in a traditional way instead of the usual table and chairs. Been there once and everybody had great fun. Some people danced with the belly dancer so it sounds like a place your friends will enjoy.

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          It's been quite a while since we've eaten at Byblos, but the Lebanese food served there was always good, and I've not heard anything to indicate that has changed. Service was friendly and efficient, and the large space had pleasant decor. We never went when there was belly dancing; however, there was always an upbeat vibe, so I'm guessing being there when there is entertainment would be fun.

      2. Zerza has a belly dancer at certain times.

        1. There's a place in alphabet city that has belly dancers. I remember it being a corner location. Try around Avenue A and 6th Street maybe ...? Someone can chime in with better details. : )

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          1. re: Cheese Boy

            The place is Le Souk, on Ave B between 3rd and 4th. Took a friend there for her 40th birthday. I don't remember hookahs there. The food was decent, but the entertainment was the main reason people were there.

              1. re: Miss Needle

                There are definitely hookahs at Le Souk, and it turns into a club come 11:30 or so.

                There is a belly dancing Moroccan place on 2nd Ave. betw. 83rd and 84rd, sorry can't remember the name