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brown dried apricots - can I do anything with them?

So I asked my husband to buy some dried apricots for my passover compote. Instead of bringing me the pretty orange packaged ones, he got some from the bins in the natural foods section of our grocery store. They are unsulfured and had turned an ugly brown. I didn't use them in the compote, they would have been too ugly. But I hate to throw them away. I braved a taste of one and it didn't seem like it had gone bad. So is there anything I can do with them?

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  1. They're just like orange apricots, except for the color. They don't turn brown - they are brown to start with. The sulfured apricots are treated to remain the light color they have before drying. Unsulfured ones are a bit sweeter. Try using them in homemade granola, or in cookies! I'm fond of chopped up apricots and walnuts in brownies, too.

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      I load my oatmeal cookies up with chopped apricots and dried cherries. They stay really moist and chewy because of the fruit, and they have a unique, exotic flavor.

    2. as stated above, they are the color they should be. the bright orange ones have been treated. your husband did a nice thing. :)

      dried apricots are lovely in muffins and quick breads. you can also use them in stuffing for pork or chicken.

      1. Thank you for the suggestions. I had no idea that's how they were supposed to look! A quick bread sounds like the perfect solution. I'll make a nice dark one so the kids won't notice the bits of brown apricot. Or maybe some oatmeal spice cookies. I'm glad to have choices for what to do with them... besides tossing them!

        1. I chop up all kinds of dried fruits and add it to orzo pasta (or cous cous), with some toasted pine nuts and fresh parsley, along with a drizzle of olive oil, salt and pepper.

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            I heartily second this; it's my favorite use for dried apricots, and a great way to use up the odds and ends of dried fruits that can accumulate in the pantry. It's nice with chopped fresh mint, too.

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              Ooooh! We love lentil soup, so I think that will be dinner tomorrow. That, and some multi-fruited oatmeal cookies for dessert! Thanks for the great suggestions.

            2. They go well in braised Moroccan lamb and chicken dishes. I make one with a sauce similar to this recipe and the apricots sort of melt into the sauce so it won't matter what color they are.


              1. i mix diced dried apricots in the zuni cafe brandied raisins. the recipe is essentially to cover the dried fruit with brandy, then add a little water to top it off. shake, taste in an hour for sugar, then serve 24 hours later and beyond. simple delicious stuff, great on top of strained yogurt.

                dried apricots are also fantastic in couscous, sliced into salad, munched on plain...

                1. Were they Turkish apricots? They are naturally more brown than orange and taste MUCH better than the california ones, IMO. I really like turkish apricots! I remember one appetizer I made with split Turkish apricots soaked in orange juice, then topped with goat cheese and a pistachio nut. I could eat a whole plate of those!

                  1. I'm not sure if they were turkish apricots or california. In any case, they're all used up now. First I made the zucchini bread recipe in the America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. They had a variation where you could add golden raisins or dried cranberries, so I added chopped apricots. Yum! Probably the best, moistest zucchini bread I've ever made. I think it's a good recipe to begin with (I had never made it before, even without the added fruit) but the apricots were really excellent in it. Then I made the Mollie Katzen lentil soup recipe that Mint Chip suggested. My husband and I really liked it. But 3 of my 4 kids were less enthused. One, who eats most anything and as a vegetarian usually appreciates inventive recipes, said she'd finish that bowl but I had to promise never to make it again. Oh well. You can't please everyone. Thanks for all the suggestions!