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Apr 13, 2007 05:57 AM

Chapel Hill Loco Pops is Open

Yay! We went by last night. You have to go around to the side of the building (near the 3 cups entrance) or the back because of construction, but they're open. I was told that all the water based popsicles (half the menu) are vegan. Husband tried the buttermilk blueberry and was very very happy with it.

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  1. Neat, I've never been to a Loco Pops. I'll be sure to stop by there soon.

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    1. re: SenorSuarez

      Make sure you get the small, this way you can try more then one flavor per vist. Never had anything I did not like.

      1. re: chazzer

        Their Mexican chocolate is fantastic!

        1. re: Jeanne

          love the mango chili - a good standbye - the mojito is great, too - especially dipped in rum - by the way, senorS., there are only two locopops - it's not a chain. the first one is in durham.

          1. re: suse

            The mango chili was the one that most caught my eye, but I was too full from dinner. Would have walked over today, but the weather is looking iffy, but I'll try it next time. Do they change the flavors?

            1. re: LulusMom

              all the time. the mango chili is a mainstay, though. when they're in season, try the peach hibiscus. totally delicious.

    2. Does anyone know the hours? I may stop by on one of these lovely warm spring afternoons in the not too distant future...BTW, I think they just cleared out all the construction stuff so you don't have to walk around the side of Penang anymore.

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      1. re: inmybackpages

        OK, I walked past there today and the hours are 12 - 9 daily.

        1. re: inmybackpages

          Mexican chocolate; now I've died & gone to heaven!. I don't eat ice cream so this is a big deal.

          1. re: Rory

            We went for the first time last night. A few notes:

            1. As good as advertised, safe to say we're hooked
            2. "Small" is bigger than I'd expected, great value for money
            3. Cash only, this limited us to 3 smalls
            4. Buyer be-ware, they freeze them cold, we each lost some skin off of our lips in our eagerness for the first bite
            5. Isn't it great that they're open, even on Sunday nights when many other local places aren't (I'm looking at you Sandwhich)?

            1. re: brokegradstudent

              I second that!! There have been countless nights where I crave a fantastic sandwich from sandwhich for dinner, and have had to settle for my own best approximation - which is never even in the same league!
              Can't wait to try locopops.

              1. re: hungry in carrboro

                tangerine lemongrass rocked, honeydew lavender decent

                1. re: tommio

                  Sandwhich & locopops sunday night; now you're talkin' I'd be there like a shot. It's a really nice walk from Carrboro..

      2. I just had the horchata, and it was all homemade ingredients - not a mix like most restaurants in town. (Go to Fiesta Grill for a real version of the drink.)

        My wife had a blend that I think was earl grey tea and chocolate. (Someone correct me if it was earl grey with something else.) It was a surprisingly perfect combo.