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Apr 13, 2007 05:11 AM

white river jct. VT

We are leaving for 2 days and are staying at The hotel coolidge in white River Junction. we plan on traveling in and around to check out general stores and all that jazz.
Any suggestions where we can dine? We LOVE diners....we pretty much like anything!
thanks for your help!

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  1. Two obvious nicer places in WRJ itself, both of which I recommend:

    1. Tip Top Cafe (casual bistro dining)
    2. Como Va (Italian)

    As far as diners, there are quite a few decent ones. I've done reviews for virtual every diner in the extended area oat

    My favorites near WRJ, in rough order of preference

    1. Tumble Inn diner in Claremont, NH
    2. Dan's Windsor Diner, Windsor, VT
    3. Fairlee Diner, Fairlee, VT
    4. Polka Dot Diner, White River Junction, VT
    5. Four Aces Diner, West Lebanon, NH

    1. Go to the Barre-Montpelier area to go to the Wayside Diner for dinner and their pie. A slice of Americana here. Check out this site for some more suggestions.

      1. We usually eat at AJ's in WRJ.
        The best steaks and prime rib around the area imo.
        Really good salad bar with fresh breads make the experience even better.
        The Polka Dot Diner and Dan's Windsor Diner are two of our favorites also for breakfast.
        Try Gillingham's General Store in Woodstock and visit the Vermont Country Store in Weston for a great "general store" experience.
        Jazz at Bentley's(call for times and performers)is also fine too!
        Have Fun!

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        1. re: catnip

          Tell me more about AJ's. I've never heard of it.

          1. re: greenstate

            It's your basic steakhouse. Nothing fancy, but quite decent steaks for the price. It's in White River Junction on Syke's Ave, by the Toyota dealer and the bowling alley.

            1. re: greenstate

              Kaszeta is right.
              This is a really good steak house with a really nice salad bar.
              Usually a lively local crowd with a nice bar.
              Haven't done the bar lately as the last time we were there they were smokers in the bar.
              The breads are all homemade and fresh and I like that.
              Many order just the really good salad bar alone.

            2. re: catnip

              HOLY COW! we are back and went to AJ"S my husband ordered the $21.00 prime was like a dinosaur rib! unbelievable...with salad bar, soup, bread..I had almond chicken....very good also...totally a great deal.
              we also went to Fairlee diner...good breakfast, we sat at the counter and watched the guys do their magic.
              A very good time!

            3. go to woodstock to 'the mountain creamery' for breakfast.. cranky waitresses, homemade hash, and dark coffee(i love every minute of it!). it's the best diner in vermont. stay away from aj's .. it makes me feel disgusting for WEEKS!! (anything THAT close to one of two strip clubs in all of vermont can't be good) there are some great fine dining options really close to WRJ. Yama, The Canoe Club, Barnard Inn, Simon Pearce, Three stallion Inn

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              1. re: Tupelohoney44

                Mountain Creamery is quite good. Ice cream on a waffle for breakfast....

                1. re: Tupelohoney44

                  Just what is your problem with AJ's that makes you "feel disgusting for weeks"?
                  Is it the food,the service, or did you have a specific problem there?
                  It can't be location (next to the two strip clubs you mentioned,can it?
                  We'll try Mt. Creamery for breakfsst next time up---thanks for the recc!
                  Still-not-awake-yet Catnip