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Apr 12, 2007 11:54 PM

Corn tortillas in Austin

Where is the best place to buy corn tortillas for cooking at home? I've tried a few random supermarket corn tortillas but haven't found anything special yet.

And I should also note that I can't make them at home. I'm utterly incompetent when it comes to tortillas.

I know it's *possible* to buy good corn tortillas. Some of the best I ever had were from a small place in Santa Fe (I forget the name - would love to relearn it if anybody knows the place I'm talking about. It's apparently the place to go).

But is it possible in Austin?

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  1. IMO, the best corn tortillas in Austin are at Angie's on 7th. Go by there and get a dozen or so to go. I generally prefer flour tortillas, but Angie's are the excpetion to the rule.

    1. My all time favorite corn tortillas (You're not alone - I'm a failure at making my own too) are at Curras. Their red corn tortillas are really wonderful and they keep well.

      My second favorite are at Manuels.

      Both will sell them to you by the dozen

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        Garibaldi's has excellent corn tortillas.

      2. El Milagro on 6th st a couple blocks east of I-35 makes wonderful corn tortillas packaged and ready to go....the chef at Oaxacan Tamaleo deemed them good enough for her establishment....that's a pretty heavy stamp of approval.

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          El Milagro is my favorite as well. I usually buy them from the hispanic market on Research around Payton Gin...I forget the exact address. I think the name of the market is La Hacienda.

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            I believe they still sell them at Central Market also. Easily the best packaged corn tortillas I've tried.

        2. El Meson has pretty good corn tortillas. While you're there, grab a sack of their pipian tacos (I prefer them on flour), as well as some pastor and pibil tacos (which are better on corn, in my opinion).

          As some folks have already said, Angie's does a good job, too.

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            Followed your advice on El Meson today and ordered the Pipian on flour and Pibil on corn. Nice. Their corn tortillas are no Angie's, but then whose are? Still, they're a head above standard fare. The pipian was a bit watery, but the taste was outstanding; nicely stewed chicken with a defined pumpkin seed taste to it. The pibil wasn't outstanding, but certainly was above average; the meat was cubed a bit smaller than I'm used to, but really all that does is intensify the flavor of the marianade, and I have no problem with that. I really enjoyed the black beans and rice, as well. We ordered some guac and chips and were amazed to watch them mash the avacados together with tomato, onions and jalapenos immediately in front of us. And the salsas were pretty damn caliente for anyone wanting to add some lip-burning kick to their meal.

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