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Apr 12, 2007 10:04 PM

Best restaurants in Toledo Ohio area?

Looking for great restaurants of any kind, mostly casual dining and absolutely need to know the best pizza places. Wondering about Italian, any great places for soups, or any other great places for any kind of food, thanks!

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  1. Last weekend I ate at Diva, in downtown Toledo, and I thought it was very good indeed, the best place I've been to in Toledo in quite a while. Contemporary American food in a hip (but casual) atmosphere.

    You can read my complete report in this topic:

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      Diva closed on March 1, 2008. : (

      The Beirut and Byblos have indeed been well-loved by several generations of Toledoans. Mancy's is also a Toledo classic.

    2. The New Empire, out on airport (I think - haven't lived in Toledo in years), for dim sum, and real chinese food. We make a point of eating there every time we visit (usually once or twice a year).

      1. The Beirut, for Lebanese food, is terrific.

        1. Second The Beirut. Believe it or not it also has great pizza. We took our children there when they were small and we could all have a great meal. Pizza - The original Ginos at Central and Monroe. They have expanded and I cam't vouch for the other locations. Also try The Elbo Room, a bar in a strip mall on Svlvania Ave. just west of Secor. With Ohio's state wide smoking ban, it is now bearable and the pizza is unique = thin crust, pastry dough like - very good. Lots of ethnic spots. e.g., Budapest om Bancroft St., Saigon Bistro on Airport, Indian Jewel of Toledo also on Airport, near I-475; Italian is mostly chains.Perhaps try Ciao owned by Main Street Ventures out of AA, or Mancy's Italian owned by a local family. They also have a great steakhouse and a nice seafood place called Bluewater grill.

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            beirut or byblos is probably the best sit down that you will find in the city -if your looking for pizza it starts and stops with Ginos Original -the colony or next to Toledo Hospital is the first they have francise in perrysburg, oregon and north toledo, or you can go to Aimees on central avenue -stole the recipe from Gino's also in that same strip mall with aimees is the beirut bakery -the supply house to the buirut and others in town -not fancy but a great lunch, if you have a lot of people order everything and share.