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Apr 12, 2007 09:41 PM

Steelhead Diner: Sea

I tried this new place for the first time. I have to say it was pretty poor. We waited 50 minutes for our sandwiches to arrive. The waitress kept telling us: "it would just be a minute." The food is large portions of very mediocre items. The french fries were abundant and soggy. The sandwiches were mostly bread. The noise level is high and the service is abysmal. I will not be going back.

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  1. My feelings are more nuanced. The fries really are terrible, and I agree with you about the bread:filling ratio of the sandwiches.

    Other things I've had there, though, have been excellent and I've never had an issue with the service.

    It is a fairly hot space, acoustically - they could probably use some sound-deadening panels on their ceiling to cut the din.

    I also wish they'd decomplexify the dinner menu into small and large plates rather than having six categories of dishes.

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      Uh oh, we've made reservations for tomorrow night based on at least one hounder's constant mentioning of this place. Now I'm nervous...

      1. re: ethereal

        Just don't bother with the fries. The sandwiches are good but I agree that there's not enough filling for the bread used.

        Do get the caviar pie, the crab cakes, the hominy cakes! Basically, get dinner, not lunch and you'll be fine.

        This place has a lot of promise but has some kinks to iron out - the unconscionable Simplot fries in particular.

        1. re: ethereal

          They've recently rotated out what is arguably their single best dish (the beef short rib) but you should still be ok (just remember it's mostly comfort food, not "fine dining" (no judgement intended))