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Apr 12, 2007 09:24 PM

Where is the best happy hour spot in the city?

5-7 Where is the hottest spot right now, I know Publix use to be very hot but apparently it closed, club 737 use to be a hot spot too???

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  1. The bar at the Hotel Place D'Armes is really trendy.

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      The bar at the hotel is called Suite 701 and I agree, it is very trendy. I highly reccomend it..but it all depends on your style. You can also try pub st. james on st. paul. what day are you interested in. Are you talking about a thursday night 5a7?

    2. Plan B, on Mont Royal, is, in my mind, the place where gorgeous and unpretentious professionnals go to have a few drinks after work. I also second Suite 701 at Place d'Armes. They have very good hors d'oeuvres as well.

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        I like Suite 701 too. I don’t know if it is still on the menu, but try their macaroni and cheese with fresh crab!

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          I have been frequenting Segafredo's lately on Ste Catherine in front of the Paramount Theatre/Simon's. Vibe is great. Drinks are good. Open bar for ladies when you buy a $5 bracelet. Lotsa ladies. Their menu is mostly sandwiches, salads & soups but they are good. I hope that they will put more finger food on in the near future. BIG PLUS: excellent music by dj's from the Gotsoul collective.

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            The $5 open bar for women, is this every day Monday to Fri, 5-7? Plus, do you know what kind of drinks are available for the open bar, i.e. watered down speedrail stuff or a selection of their drinks from their menu?

            1. re: jellybelly25

              $5 open bar is only Thursday - the Gotsoul night - although they do happyhour every day of the week. There is a open bar list but it's a decent list. I'm a gin & tonic drinker so I don't know what else is on it. They make it with just enough alcohol that it is tasty but doesn't make me nauseous. And they have a few martinis too and wine & beer as well.

              The only annoying aspect of it although understandable from a business standpoint is that the women have to get their drinks themselves from the bar. The waiters/waitresses cannot fetch you drinks.

              Sorry I should have put more info in the initial post.

        1. Anybody care to update this thread?

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            New City Gas seems to be the new hotspot for Thursday happy hours. I went last night and it was hopping. There's a $7 cover charge to get in though.