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Apr 12, 2007 09:09 PM

Portland - French Toast

I'm on my way to Portland tomorrow and am looking for a restaurant that serves an amazing french toast featured on a recent Rachel Ray show. Does anyone remember which restaurant was showcased? If not, I'm open to other opportunities to chow down an amazing breakfast. Thanks I appreciate your help..

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  1. According to a quick google search for "Rachel Ray Portland", for $40/day she ate breakfast at McMenamins Edgefield, part of a regional pub chain. But she's rather known for smiling and saying "yumm-o" to any damn thing shoved in front of her. Her Tasty Travels visit seems to be more hit and miss, but I don't see a breakfast spot:

    I'd suggest trying a good breakfast spot like Genie's instead of wherever she went.

    1. gotta agree with extramsg. you cannot rely on rachel ray's pitch for any restaurant.
      as for french toast, the cadillac cafe on broadway makes a very good one they call custard toast.

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        My wife likes that one as well. Other stuff is a bit more mixed.

      2. Last time I checked, the french toast at Cafe du Berry on Macadam was the best, and most sinful, I've ever had. More yum-Oh than anything the Edgefield delivers.

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          I absolutely second Cafe du Berry for French Toast !

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            Is this statement true?
            "...the “French Toast with Potatoes and Fruit” was one piece of the toast, one smallish helping of potatoes, one strawberry, and one half of a banana... for $7.95."

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              My favorite French toast in Portland has been at Everett Street Bistro.

              << Grand Marnier French Toast - country style bread soaked with Grand Marnier custard - >>

          2. You can get great stuffed french toast at Virgo and Pisces (NW 21st and Glisan I think) and at Helser's (NE Alberta and 16th-ish). Both places have several other delicious breakfast options (my favorite eggs benedict is from V&P)