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Apr 12, 2007 08:45 PM

burgers in mumbai?

any good places to get burgers in mumbai?

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    1. Was this a joke? Whether it is or isn't, I'm laughing...

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      1. re: Elchilango

        I can get you some decent/good ones in Bangalore . . .

      2. Don't know if you still need this info. Here goes, anyway...

        Bombay/Mumbai has its share of McDonald's to choose from. You'll find one at many popular places, spread across the city (e.g. Opp. VT station, on Linking road - Bandra, in Nirmal Mall - Mulund, etc.) Then, there are a couple of KFCs too. (At least two in Powai and Bandra).

        Personally, I prefer Bembos - A South American chain that's recently made its entry. You can grab a really neat Bembos' burger from Nirmal Lifestyle mall - Mulund or a few other places too.

        1. By that, do you mean beefburgers? Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai serves quite authentic burgers - 6 choices. They used Angus beef, Monterey Jack cheese, etc. Skip the nacho with cheese whilst you're there - worst I've had anywhere in the world.

          Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai
          Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound
          Pandurang Budhkar Marg
          Worli Mumbai -400025

          BTW, McDonalds India only serve chicken/fish/vegetarian burgers. So, the Big Mac makes its appearance in Mumbai as the Maharajah Mac Burger, with 2 thick chicken patties instead.

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            The Maharaja Mac used to be made with lamb but they switched it to chicken now.

            I think it would be hard to find a beef burger in India outside of a large cosmopolitan area where tourists go.

          2. Indigo Deli in Colaba has a fabulous burger (beef) complete w/ fried egg on top. Bembo's (mutton) is also totally decent for a quick fix; there's one on Santa Cruz-Bandra Linking Road. Beef is really not that hard to find in more upscale places. Of course, it's readily available in 5 stars...I once had the burger in the Grand Hyatt after a late night at China House and it was totally dry and unappetizing.