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burgers in mumbai?

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any good places to get burgers in mumbai?

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    1. Was this a joke? Whether it is or isn't, I'm laughing...

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        I can get you some decent/good ones in Bangalore . . .

      2. Don't know if you still need this info. Here goes, anyway...

        Bombay/Mumbai has its share of McDonald's to choose from. You'll find one at many popular places, spread across the city (e.g. Opp. VT station, on Linking road - Bandra, in Nirmal Mall - Mulund, etc.) Then, there are a couple of KFCs too. (At least two in Powai and Bandra).

        Personally, I prefer Bembos - A South American chain that's recently made its entry. You can grab a really neat Bembos' burger from Nirmal Lifestyle mall - Mulund or a few other places too.

        1. By that, do you mean beefburgers? Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai serves quite authentic burgers - 6 choices. They used Angus beef, Monterey Jack cheese, etc. Skip the nacho with cheese whilst you're there - worst I've had anywhere in the world.

          Hard Rock Cafe Mumbai
          Bombay Dyeing Mill Compound
          Pandurang Budhkar Marg
          Worli Mumbai -400025

          BTW, McDonalds India only serve chicken/fish/vegetarian burgers. So, the Big Mac makes its appearance in Mumbai as the Maharajah Mac Burger, with 2 thick chicken patties instead.

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            The Maharaja Mac used to be made with lamb but they switched it to chicken now.

            I think it would be hard to find a beef burger in India outside of a large cosmopolitan area where tourists go.

          2. Indigo Deli in Colaba has a fabulous burger (beef) complete w/ fried egg on top. Bembo's (mutton) is also totally decent for a quick fix; there's one on Santa Cruz-Bandra Linking Road. Beef is really not that hard to find in more upscale places. Of course, it's readily available in 5 stars...I once had the burger in the Grand Hyatt after a late night at China House and it was totally dry and unappetizing.

            1. I wouls have laughed too, had I read this thread two years ago. not any more! I totally dig the beef burger at Indigo Cafe. Okay, that just triggered a strong need to get a burger, so that's where I'm going to be tonight.


              1. There is a place called Jugheads in Mumbai that has beef burgers (it has cilantro in it).

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                  Indigo Deli has the best burgers in town. You can get them cooked to order. They do a mean Reuben also.

                2. Also, if you want the a great Chicken Burger, try the cafe in the Oberoi shopping center, 175 rupees is cheap (relatively speaking) for a slammin burger

                  1. FYI - the 'beef' burgers that you see on the menu's in Mumbai restaurants (Indigo, Leopold, even Hard Rock) are all 'buffalo' burgers, not cow -- which in my opinion makes a BIG difference. They are no where as juicy and flavorful as their counterparts outside India.

                    It's still illegal to slaughter cows in most of India, so you wont find the meat in any of the hotel restaurants either. The only place you might find cow meat is at Mohd. Ali road during Eid which also is not very easy.