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Apr 12, 2007 08:44 PM

Soup Dumplings in Vancouver

I have been inundated with info about soup dumplings lately. They were just on Kylie Kwong, just in the latest Bon Appetit. There are boards here about them. And alas, I have NEVER had one. I have and love Wonton Soup. But soup IN the Dumplings I have yet to experience. Any suggestions Rec's for these taste sensations in Vancouver (BC that is)??

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  1. Shanghainese restaurants and most small-eats Taiwanese bistros would often have xiao long bao.

    The soup dumplings at Shanghai River (Westminster Hwy) are good. You can also see them make the dumplings on the spot, as they have a window to the part of the kitchen that makes all of the dumplings.

    1. I loved the ones I had during dim sum at the Kirin on Cambie st.

      1. Thanks! Familiar with Kirin (used to have some wine on their list - I'm a wine rep). Have a friend out in New West, will call her and get a field trip going :)

        1. Not sure if it's the reply is late but try Green Village at Broadway and Nanaimo. Their dumplings are really fresh and juicy. Their other dim sum are really tasty too and cheap! Another option is to go to Crystal Mall in Burnaby, near Metrotown. There's a couple of places that make the pork dumplings and the dough is thin and the dumpling is really juicy inside. The wait may be a bit long (15 minutes or so) but it's because they make it fresh.

          1. In Richmond, there is a little hole in the wall on Park Road called Chen's. The best soup dumplings. They don't speak a lot of english,but they're called siu ling bau (pronounced seuw ling bow). The rest of the food is awesome as well and really cheap.

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              I though Siu Loong Bow are steamed dumplings and Goon (or Boon depending on your pronouciation) Tong Gow were the ones where when you pierce the dumpling soup comes out....

              1. re: anonymoose

                nope siu ling bau are soup dumplings, I'm half shangahainese, that's where they originate from.

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                Is this the Chen's that used to be on Leslie near #3?