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Apr 12, 2007 08:39 PM

A few meals in New Orleans:Lil Dizzy's,Buffa's,Monica's &N'awlins Flavor

What are the must get items at the above restaurants.I'll be in New Orleans soon and these are the joints I'm aiming for.Also,what it the word on Bullit's on AP Trureau?

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  1. If you mean is it open, yes it is. Kermit Ruffins is doing an early (about 6-7 pm) show on Tuesdays as of right now.

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    1. re: uptownlibrarian

      thanks uptown....hit a Kermit show there last year and it was was the Katrina anniversary and he had the joint rockin...great smothered chicken and rice in the back room as well.How is the food at the other joints I mentioned?

      1. re: scrumptiouschef

        Where is N'awlins Flavor?

        I haven't been to the others, so can't comment personally, but some friends of mine have been to Lil Dizzy's a few times and found it kind of hit or miss with the buffet. My impression is Monica's is your standard poboy shop. May I ask how you picked these particular 4?

        I'd point you toward Liuzza's, or Liuzza's by the Track, or Mandina's. You might really like Cafe Reconcile.

        1. re: JGrey

          If memory serves N'awlins Flavor is a tiny meat and 3 on Rampart...I drove by it a couple of times in August but never had a chance to stop.I was not aware that Lil Dizzys was a buffet so thanks for the heads up.I pointed towards these restaurants because I had not been to them and had heard good things.

          1. re: scrumptiouschef

            It sounds like you like dive-type places, judging from your list....if so, I would try Reconcile, Verti Marte, Willie Mae's Scotch House...but I would second JGrey's nominations over these. All three he listed are the deifnition of great neighborhood restaurants, and, not by chance, are all in MId-City. If you want a great po-boy, I would pick Johnny's, Parasol's or Parkway Bakery over Monica's.

      2. re: uptownlibrarian

        Where is Kermit Ruffins playing? I'll be in New Orleans for a week and would love to see him play.

      3. Breakfast at Li'l Dizzy's is a raucous affair.A funny and loud gentleman greets all prospective diners as they stroll in...directing them towards a table and making a comment on their outfit,way they walk,how hungry they look etc.This can be tricky but he really pulls it off with aplomb.As he navigated me towards a table we commenced to conversate about motorcycles and last nights festivities[surely writ large on my face].The food?The ham was straight up superb,sugar cured,tender and perfectly cooked.The grits were good and plentiful especially after being heavily buttered and salted.The eggs ordered over medium,came over easy,a minor quibble as the extra minute it takes can seem a lifetime to a short order cook.The sweet tea was of good quality and perpetually replenished by a team of servers exchanging banter over the patrons heads as they bustled about the room.If I lived in New Orleans I would mow down on Li'l Dizzy's menu as it's the kind of neighborhood joint I dearly love..

        1. These are some of the worst restaurants in New Orleans. How did you pick these?