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Apr 12, 2007 06:31 PM

tomatoes on the grill pan?

I want to grill some tomatoes on my grill pan for my breakfast-for-dinner (also serving bacon and ricotta hotcakes with mango!). I'm going for that wonderfully greasy spoon kind of grilled tomato, diner-style :) Should I cut into thick circles or lengthwise? I was just going to brush with a little olive oil and grind on some S and P and toss on grill. Anything I'm missing? Abt how long should I grill on each side? Medium high heat good?

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  1. I always cut them into thick circles, put them in a saute pan or on a griddle and grill them until they're 'browned' on both sides. They don't actually turn brown, but you can tell when they are ready. You might lose some of the juicy center if you use a slotted grill pan.

    1. Barefoot Contessa made some terrific roasted tomatoes on her show the other day.

      1. I like making them on the grill. Depending how big they are I just cut in half. I do what you suggest but sometimes add just touch of garlic powder. I love the blistered skin. Oh and I put them on super high heat cut side down first, they kinda "sear" then turn down the heat and flip 'em. And timing again depends....