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Apr 12, 2007 06:13 PM

Looking for lunch spot Topanga Mall area

Looking for a nice place to take some friends to thank them and a good central meeting area would be the Topanga exit of the 101. Any ideas?

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  1. Gorikee's in Woodland Hills off of the mall at the corner of Topanga and Ventura Blvd. Great food at inexpensive prices. Garlicy food.

    Brother's Sushi is not bad if you like sushi. It is also on Ventura Blvd., closer to Canoga Ave.

    La Frite off of Ventura and Shoup is very good for French food. Try their mussels and frites. More expensive than the other two places, but very nice.

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    1. re: WHills

      I'd choose La Frite. It's comfortable, un-hip, and the food is good. Gorikee's quite good too but the atmosphere isn't the best.

      1. re: NeNePie

        Hi... have you been to Gorikee since they did a modest re-vamp of their interior (and to an extent, their patio) about 3 months ago? Interior in significantly nicer, with 3 or 4 semi-private nooks for a bit of intimacy, and the lighting (at night) seems much more subdued and refined...

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          I went to Gorikee for dinner a couple of weeks ago, and was seated at one of the semi-private little nooks. The downside of this is that there is a bar next door to Gorikee, and all of the smokers go outside for their smoke breaks. Thus, we had to smell cigarette smoke during our entire meal.

          1. re: WestsideLisa

            Hi... Yup, that bar next door to Gorikee always appears to be just moments from a knife fight... As for the smokers, its the Clash of the Aroma Titans: Garlic vs Cigs...

    2. Not a fan of "garlicy" but thank's

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        *Your* not a fan of garlicky?? How about the friends that you're taking out to thank? ;-)

      2. is it crazy to suggest the food court at the fairly new topanga canyon mall - it is like the nicest food court i have ever seen - i have only been there once and ate at the japanese place - and it was really good - a few of the other places looked quite good too.

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        1. re: howchow

          I enjoyed the food court. It's an A+ as food courts go. Real plates and silverware, too!

        2. Kind of an odd location in terms of good nice restaurants, but concur on Gorikee as an option. Though it is contentious on this board, I've had a couple of good meals at Brandywine, though I'm sure others will chime in to disagree. You've also got Roy's out there. There's also Villa Piacere on Ventura Blvd, where I have had several good meals. And of course, Ruth's Chris, which not everyone likes, but I like a good lobster.

          1. Roy's would've been nice, except the woodland hills location is open only for dinner.

            If you don't mind chains...there's a Maggiano's Little Italy (nice patio) and Corner Bakery in the mall area.

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            1. re: chica

              Maggiano's is very good. I also suggest Nordstom's Cafe upstairs; it's a little "cozier" and comfortably "plusher" than their previous cafe.

              1. re: liu

                I went to Maggiano's in the Grove a couple of times a few years ago and what I remember is SALT. Absolutely EVERYTHING was completely oversalted.

                If you're looking for walnut shrimp (which is their speciality) there's the Valley branch of Yang Chow on Topanga Canyon Blvd.... it gets mixed reviews.

                Villa Piacere is very tasty and the patio is very well-decorated.

                Don't go to Anarbagh. The service is so terrible, despite the good food.