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Apr 12, 2007 06:03 PM

Where oh Where Can I buy Cheap Rabbit!!!

So coming from the UK, where wild game is not illegal (to sell), I am used to paying about $4 for a tasty, fresh, wild rabbit. Here, I have found them, but they are frozen, tastless and (most important!) upwards of $25! That makes them a luxury meat in my books. Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. yeah, it is kind of a luxury meat here! unless you go to rural areas where hunting is big. :) People are sort of unfamiliar with it, or they don't know what to do with it, or they can't stand the thought of eating cute little bunnies. !!! Or, like you, they're put off by the expense. I really like rabbit but I often just don't think of it because I never see it around.

    I remember chatting with a butcher at one of the Grand Central Market stalls, and he said they had it... but I think it might be necessary to order in advance? It was $6/lb. There was a sign about it... rabbit in Spanish is "conejo." I believe it was a stall on the north side... that would be 3rd St, I think.

    I think I've also read you can get them in Chinatown, at one of the poultry places... and it's possible that one of the poultry places at the 3rd/Fairfax "Original" Farmers Market might have them as well. You know, because it tastes like chicken. ;)

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      Actually that $25 rabbit was from the 3rd st FM...thanks for the other suggestions, I will try them soon! $6 a pound is not too bad, at least it would come out to under $20.

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        If you don't mind having to thaw them, the Hawaii Supermarket, on Valley at Del Mar in San Gabriel, has frozen ones for around $7/lb. These are from Georgia - Buford's Rabbits (and how on earth could he NOT have called them "Buford's Bunnies"?) - and run a little over 2 lbs. They're in heavy cryovac packaging, too, so they'll keep well with no freezer burn; I got two for a more-or-less annual Bunny Dinner I do for friends, one about six months before the other, and you couldn't tell the older from the newer one. Both delicious, if I do say so...

    2. Perhaps last week's rabbit thread will be of some help...


      1. There is a live-kill place on Virgil, south of Beverly on the west side of the street. Look for the big Chicken on top! It's one of those live chicken places like in Chinatown. They do also have live rabbit. You can even choose which one you want! Not sure the price per pound, but they charge $10 for a glorious chicken.


        1. I saw rabbit on the list at a Chinese live poultry place also.

          There are a few in Chinatown.

          If you live in the San Gabriel Valley, there are two live poultry places on Garvey Ave by Rosemead. One is Wah Mei (I think that's the spelling off of Garvey Ave by San Gabriel Blvd). The other is further down (Wing Ah) by Garvey Ave and Rosemead Blvd.

          1. Gee, you'd think that now, a week after Easter, you could walk down any suburban street and get a bunch of bunnies, REALLY cheap. You might have to fatten them up yourself, but it'd probably be worth the cost.