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Apr 12, 2007 06:02 PM

alaskan king crab

Where can I get Alaskan king crab that is not precooked?

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  1. Probably only Alaska.

    I don't mean that to be rude, but I have never seen or heard of uncooked, frozen Alaskan crab.

    Why would you want it uncooked, by the way? What are your plans for it?

    1. You could contact Salmongram or Fisherman's Express, but the usual way seems to be to cook and freeze the crab on board.

      1. Do you have a pot big enough to steam it in?

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          In all fairness though, I see uncooked lobster tails at the grocery store, meaning they were torn in half, alive, and then frozen. I know a lobster is *alot* smaller than a king crab, but you never know!

          1. re: Olivia

            Unlike lobster, Alaskan king crabs are all processed at the same location and I'm fairly certain that Alaskan King Crab legs are steamed as soon as they come off the boat at the processors.

        2. Apparently several Asian restaurants in the LA area offer live Alaskan King Crab preparations. Find russkar's response on the link below:

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            Holy smokes!! But aren't live king crabs something like 20 feet across (as per Sharuf's comment)??

            ETA: Behold!! Or is there a difference between "King Crab" and "Alaskan King Crab"?

            1. re: Olivia

              Here is a pic of one being held:

              Crab pots used to catch kings are typically 7' x 7' x 3' if I remember my "Deadliest Catch" facts.

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                They come in all sizes - the ones in the Hong Kong-style restaurant tanks are more like 2' to 3' in leg length. And if the restaurants are getting them live, that would seem to indicate that an enterprising home cook could, too, though that's not necessarily the case. They could have agents in Alaska buying and shipping them direct. And there may well be legal barriers to buying a live one from a restaurant and taking it home.

            2. Also, for general reference: I
              I had some king crab legs over the weekend, and we tried the microwave for reheating: just wrapped them in kitchen towel and nuked a minute or so (like Alton Brown uses). Worked perfectly.

              Since we didn't have a steamer rack, this was especially ideal because it kept the legs from getting waterlogged at the bottom of the pot.