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Apr 12, 2007 05:59 PM

Looking for good places to eat in Austin

We are going for a weekend trip to Austin in a couple of weeks and are looking for good (but not too expensive) places to eat. Preferably something American, non Tex Mex (we're from Dallas so get plenty of that already!).

Someone already recommended Moonshine and it looks perfect. Any other ideas are appreciated and any good breakfast places would be great. We are staying downtown.


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  1. Welcome, newchowhound! Austin has its very own board now.
    Yes, you can get good Tex-Mex at home, but you can't eat breakfast at Las Manitas at home (and you won't be able to in Austin much longer, apparently).

    1. Welcome, newchowhound.
      "American" is a bit broad, so forgive me if I'm off board.
      I've only eaten brunch at Moonshine, so I may be really off, but I haven't had anything there that I found particularly impressive. Again, this may be a whole other case at dinner...
      Hoovers and East Side Cafe, both on Manor Rd. would fall into the category above, and I think both are in the range of Moonshine. Hoovers is Southern food, and East Side is classic American restaruanteuse.

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        The menu at Moonshine reads great but doesn't deliver the goods when the food hits the table.American is very broad.Perhaps Galloways Sandwich Shop on E.12th st,a real hound location,dicey neighborhood,tiny restaurant that oddly does not serve sandwiches but does admirable takes on American classics such as Fried Chicken,Smothered Pork Chops,Roasted Pork Shoulder w/all the requisite sides:Broccoli and Cheese Sauce,Blackeye Peas,Green Beans,Butter Beans...he also does a good breakfast:Pancakes,Fried Eggs,Bacon,Sausage.Hours are short and get there before he sells out.It's a working class joint that very much reminds me of a Meat and 3 in New Orleans,honest unpretentious food at very reasonable prices.

      2. Hey, NCH!

        Do you have the opportunity to spend time on the road? If so, you should consider checking out some of the BBQ recommendations.

        Moonshine is fine and fun. The Corn Dog Shrimp App is yummy with the mustard and berry sauce. The brunch is also tastey.

        If you could be more specific in your interests, I'm sure you will get some great replies.

        Enjoy your time in Austin!


        1. Thanks everyone! It took me a few minutes to find my post and your replies!

          Thanks for the info on Moonshine. I guess when I say American, we're looking for non-ethnic places and just good food at reasonable (but not too cheap) prices. I guess around $100 for two of us?

          I'll check out Hoover's and East Side Cafe. Someone recommended the Hula Hut but we have Chuy's here and I'm not a huge fan. Plus, we're only there for two nights so something a bit different would be nice.


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          1. re: newchowhound

            I love Ranch 616 for exactly the meal you are looking for. It will give you a taste of Austin, and it has good food for reasonable prices. It is technically Southwestern but don't let that turn you off from going there. It is just good food and it doesn't seem southwestern to me. Get reservations though, necessary but not hard to come by. Hoover's is another favorite of mine, but be advised don't go for atmosphere, Ranch 616 has similar prices but much more upscale feeling. If you do go to Moonshine, ask for a tour of the distillary.

            1. re: kirelerya

              My take on Ranch 616 is here:


              I don't recommend it. You might want to read about my experiences there before wasting a night out.

            2. re: newchowhound

              Something that I enjoy is going to a couple of different spots for the 1/2 priced happy hour appetizers. In particular, ZTejas and Eddie V's (and Trulucks) in the Arboretum area are easy to visit within the two hour time frame. As I live UP NORTH, I'm sure some of the South or Central Austin folks could make other recommendations. I've read several postiings about these happy hours, I know near downtown, Jeffrey's, ROARING FORK, Eddie V's... I would like other inputs on this topic. Maybe I should start a new one...

            3. Someone else recommended Shoreline Grill - it looks good. Anyone been?

              Right now, Shoreline and Eddie V's are our top picks...

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              1. re: newchowhound

                Honestly, Shoreline is overpriced and Eddie's is a chain and overpriced. You are better off at a local Austin place in my opinion.