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Apr 12, 2007 05:40 PM

trouble with dry food in our Crockpot (slow cooker)

we have a Crockpot smart-pot, and we've really loved using it. it's so nice to come home to a fully cooked, hot meal. recently we have had trouble with our food drying out inside. i have a few suspicions, but wanted some advice. here are a few things i think might be causing the problem.

1. the lid rocks back and forth after the food has been cooking for a while. this is due to steam releasing around the edge of the lid. i'm not sure how to keep it from doing this.

2. we started using aluminum foil inside the pot to make it easier to clean.

3. before we started using the foil, one meal got pretty baked onto the crock. that time i had a hard time getting it clean and may have used a bit too much elbow grease.

thanks for reading my post, and i look forward to hearing what everyone has to say.


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  1. You may want to pick up some crock pot bags, they are made by Renyolds. They are in the same aisle as plastic wrap, wax paper etc. They will make cleanup almost nil.

    I have not yet used them, but others have said they work well.

    If your recipes are turning out dry, I would suspect:

    Too little liquid

    Small amounts of food, and too long of a cooking time.

    If your lid is indeed letting out steam, I'd put foil over the top of crock under the lid.

    You may also have a defective crock pot.

    Do you have temp options? If so go lower.

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      thanks for the info. we do have a larger pot, and only cook for the two of us so amount of food could be an issue. i'm looking forward to trying the foil around the rim trick to see if that works out. it seems like we're putting a lot of water in (1c - 1.5c usually). as far as cook times, we usually go by the times in the book that came with the crock pot. no temp options, just high and low.

      any other suggestions? ;)