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Apr 12, 2007 05:37 PM

"Fancy" Restaurant in MontCo or nearby?

Hey all! I am having a special day on May 5th and my fiance is planning to take us out to dinner that night. Please give me some recommendations of a yummy restaurant that would allow us to get dressed up and enjoy a fabulous meal! We're in the Plymouth Meeting area, and we're willing to travel a bit- just don't want to go into the city. Thanks!


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  1. I've only been once, but the Pond in Radnor (formerly Passarelle) has a gorgeous room in a staggeringly romantic setting. Wonderful food is a plus! The chef used to be at Taquet in Wayne.

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      I would recommend Alison's at Blue Bell. BYO .. and fabulous food. On the stade side you could do the William Penn Inn in Lansdale.

    2. San Marco in Springhouse/Ambler.

      Alison in Blue Bell

      1. I completely agree with the recommendations for Alison at Blue Bell. Great food and service. I'm not sure how formal you are looking for but I consider Bridget's in Ambler as my go-to special occasion place. Great steaks and seafood, nice atmosphere, great bar.

        I have heard good things about Normandy Farm in Blue Bell but have never been there.

        Not sure I would agree about SAn Marco. The food is decent but the service is horrible. Very "old school" type where they treat the regulars like royalty but basically ignore everyone else. Not worth the $$$$$ in my opinion.

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            I think the OP was looking for Montco recs; Pville is Chester Co.

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              said "or nearby" so threw it out there since it's not too far

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                You're right; it's only about 16 or 17 miles. With that in mind, I would throw Duling-Kurtz House and Country Inn in Exton into the mix of "fancy" restaurants.

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            I don't know how many times you've been to San Marco or if you're basing your comments on one bad experience. I have been there many times over the years although I wouldn't consider myself a regular. Even when I first went there I had no problems with the service and the food has always been very good to excellent.

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              I agree with AmblerGirl re San Marco. I have been there twice. The first time was okay. I documented the second visit here on Chowhound. Two regulars in what looked to be $1,000 suits were at the next table, one talking very loudly on a cellphone. He was obviously berating a subordinate. This went on for at least 15 minutes and ruined our meal. When I saw the waiter approach, I thought he was going to do something about it. Instead he proceeded to fawn over the other man. I vowed never to return and never have. This is inexcusable behavior (both on the part of the diner and on the part of management). The food is standard and the prices are high.

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                Did you mention it to managment?

                1. re: Den

                  No. Perhaps I should have. I assumed that they condoned that kind of behavior from their regulars. I don't know if management was around but if they were they couldn't have missed it. It was a very loud, long cellphone conversation.

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                    I understand your frustration. If it was me and the cell phone antics were going to ruin my experience I would have gotten up and said something to the offender...however, I'm 6'4" and weigh 240 lbs.

              2. re: Den

                I agree with Den, the food and service at San Marco are impeccable.

            2. Joseph Ambler Inn: gorgeous- looking food, ethereal tasting, WAY better than Alison's, not to mention the setting. Mainland Inn (one of the best kept secrets in Montco), best creme brulee in the world (better than Paris!). Joseph Ambler' staff is not as staid as Mainland, but I think these places beat William Penn without blinking, on so many levels. Normany Farms, ok. JA and MI have the presentation, content, better than superb selections. I'd say they're a trifecta (sp?). Enjoy!

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                If you can get the duck with red cabbage and spaetzle at the Mainland Inn, you will be in for a treat. It's been awhile since I ate there, but it was VERY good. A surprise tucked more or less between Worcester and Landsdale.

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                  The Mainland Inn is between Lansdale and Harleysville. The Bay Pony Inn in Lederach is very good as well. The Washington House in Sellersville is nice too, though I wouldn't call it "fancy".

              2. Thanks for all the recommendations- we made a reservation at Alison at Blue Bell. Will let you know how it goes!


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                  If they have the calamari with the wasabi dressing, you've got to try it.