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PARK SLOPE FOOD CO-OP: what's good this week? (redux)

I ranted about all the great new butters a few months ago. I've moved on to cheese -- an aged pecorino in Cheese of the Week (not the Toscano, the one next to it), and a semi-hard organic aged goat called Petenwell Reserve that's on a bunch of cheese blogs for winning an award. And Rogue Smoked Blue when it's on the shelf. Ditto Zamorano, which is like manchego but better.WAnd that Italian buffalo mozz that comes in water balloons - I had no idea how great that cheese was until the last thread pointed it out. Super fresh tasting . . .

What else?

I'd like to continue this rolling list of what's new and fabulous, since for me it's impossible to keep track and I constantly have the experience of wondering "When Did We Start Selling THIS?"
So, what's new?

PLEASE, no Coop haters or drama -- just food, what YOUR latest find is . . .
did you try the marcona fried almonds yet?

There's been a thread running for a few months here
but I'm finding it too hard to locate since it doesn't show on my Recent Posts since it's so old.

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  1. Anyone want to talk about chicken? I did not love the Dines skinless thighs I got -- used to the Cloonshee legs/thighs with skin, but they're not available anymore. Maybe it's my bad for buying skinless, but it wasn't as good as Cloonshee.

    1. hmmm, has anyone noticed that the ORGANIC RED BELL PEPPERS have been shite lately? they just havent been firm at all. theyre all soft and not peek at all. not complaining (i LOVE being a member of the coop), just thought id see what you all feel.

      well, i dont think theyre exactly new to the Coop, but yesterday i tried the RAW REVOLUTION bars for the first time. i had the chocolate coconut flavor - awesome. really good flavor. it is a raw bar, so theres no nice crunch texture, but it does have tremendous flavor. the main ingredient is cashew (it does NOT say if its sprouted/soaked or not which kind of irks me but...)

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      1. re: ben61820

        Try the smaller, sweet, orange, red, yellow peppers in the clamshell. They are fantastic and organic.

      2. Olives! Has anyone tried the pickled garlic, green olive, cornichon mix. . .oh my gawd - it is like crack. . . .and the olive oil selection is getting better too.

        1. There are curried cashews bagged in the bulk aisle. Garam Masala. oh. my. god. Talk about crack.

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            yeah, and just today I noticed this spanish cocktail mix - dried fava beans, chickpeas, spanish almonds, pistachios and cornnuts. uh, so salty and delicious . . it was on the bottom shelf of the end of the bulk aisle, across from the cheese.

            1. re: yuriwebboy

              Yeah, I bought that also. I enjoyed it. That spot is the "Vegan" area.

              1. re: yuriwebboy

                THIS JUST IN: MSG> There is msg in the olive, cornichon and green olive mix. More to follow. . .

            2. yeah, this thread got revived!
              the long dormant PSFC blog appears to be alive again

              bummer about that olive mix MSG thing . . . packed off to City Harvest, or are they in the store, marked down, by any chance?

              and the fava beans nut mix is on the raw food/vegan endcap, not with regular bulk/bagged items, correct?

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              1. re: pitu

                Yes, the fava bean nut mix is on the raw food/vegan endcap on the bottom, right shelf (almost hidden)

                1. re: dimples

                  I shopped Weds evening and couldn't find it - what does the packaging look like?

                  I noticed there's banana leaves in frozen now, and fiddlehead ferns in produce - those have a super short season. I think the blood oranges are over, but the last bunch I got last week was soooo good.
                  AppleSister, I second the organic strawberries! I wouldn't think to buy melon at this time of year, so thanks for the tip. : )

                  1. re: pitu

                    Hmmm they are just in little plastic bags. Maybe they are out of it now.

                    1. re: pitu

                      Hmm, I have to revise my recommendation of the melons as my melon at breakfast this morning was a little woodsy. Guess it's time to move on to other fruits!

                2. None of this is news, but I just wanted to add that I've found the organic strawberries to be consistently delicious. I've also had good luck with the pineapple and honeydew, and I'm not one of those people who has a sixth sense about when fruit is ripe.

                  So happy to see fresh fava beans!

                  1. Lard appeared in the meat case a couple weeks ago - which is a beautiful thing if you want to fry the best chicken, or make a very Southern pie crust. I don't know if this is going to be a regular thing, so I bought some and stuck it in the freezer. Free-range, chemical-free organic lard . . .

                    In the same shopping trip, I got Ray's seitan (in a tub in the egg/tofu cooler)
                    good quality stuff!

                    I tried the Dancing Deer carmel pecan brownies (on the front endcap by express checkout) - they are moist and rich but really lack something compared to homemade. I prefer the Margaret Palca ones for flavor.

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                    1. re: pitu

                      Pitu, if you're interested in making your own seitan (really easy, super delicious and it makes a ton), the coop sells the vital gluten flour you need. It's about $4 a bag and half a bag will make more than 4 tubs worth of the Ray's seitan. Here's a recipe from Epicurious. I have an easier one at home that I'll try to post up later: http://www.epicurious.com/members/mem...

                      1. re: rockchick

                        Is the right gluten flour the Bob's Red Mill bags?
                        THX rockchick, I'm totally interested in your easier recipe. Maybe you could put it on the homecooking board to keep the mods happy and leave me a note here so I can find it...

                    2. Does anyone know if the wild salmon is in?

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                      1. re: dimples

                        The wild salmon that's currently available is from the Copper River, so it's kinda the Beaujolais Nouveau of fish. Salmon lovers get all excited and jump up and down and drool, and the fisherman charge 50 guineas per slice.

                        It was offered to us at nearly twenty bucks a pound. We decided to wait until the Alaskan ocean catch appears -- that will be under ten dollars a pound -- so start looking for it in mid- to late-June. Bottom of the poultry-fish display case, all the way to the right. Just like last year.

                        (I'm the fresh meat/fish/poultry buyer, BTW)

                      2. What's up with the Smoke & Fire smoked/baked tofu products?
                        The Thai flavor was outstanding . . . now there's another baked *thai* tofu, but it's a peanut sauce thing instead of a smokey lemongrass/soy thing

                        1. The LOCAL GREENS are really starting to come in now -- like baby arugula (with little roots still attached)
                          if you like wasabi-sharp greens, look for the local red mustard that looks like mizuni
                          those baby turnips that come in bunches - I don't especially *like* turnips, but these tiny new ones are great. I roast them, but could be good raw in salad.

                          Still hoping the Smoke&Fire Thai tofu comes back on the shelves . . .

                          1. The new Kashi frozen dinners are pretty good. I tried the Black Bean Mango. Whole grains pilaf, black beans, chunks of peppers, carrots and mangoes in a mangoey sauce. Scrumptious for a frozen dinner and only about $3.

                            1. Trentinaceti Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It's right by the new item shelf where the express line starts. It's a small bottle with a couple of olives and olive leaves (laurel) in the bottle. It has a nice spice. It's probably the best filtered olive oil I've had.

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                              1. re: bigmackdaddy

                                thx for the olive oil tip, bmd!

                                local plums . . . Showtime seem to be the best at the moment . . .

                                1. re: pitu

                                  I bought some absolutely fabulous cherry tomatoes--not the kind in the plastic clam shells that are always there (I buy those all the time) but these are locally grown, in green cardboard containers. They have a very sweet and almost winey flavor. Also I noticed there are 2 types of organic string beans --yellow and green.
                                  The organic red leaf lettuce is on sale for 97cents a lb. There's lots of peaches, apricots, plums and nectarines. Also green basil and purple.

                                2. re: bigmackdaddy

                                  I keep forgeting your recommedation . . . but today I saw we have Frankie's 457 (the restaurant, Frankie's Sputino) house brand of olive oil, on that same endcap across from chickens. One liter can, good stuff.
                                  And there's a big sale of frozen meat, $2.99/lb, including a bunch of those fancy red chickens.

                                  That red organic okra is still coming in - GOOD
                                  and the not-organic local corn is very good - minimally treated, from the farm next to Hepworths (yes, a produce person told me)

                                  1. re: pitu

                                    I will give Frankie's a shot tomorrow when I restock on the organic champagne grapes. What is the difference in taste with the red chickens, btw?

                                    1. re: bigmackdaddy

                                      I don't know -- more chickeny? It's an heirloom variety, v.expensive.
                                      I had guinea fowl from the same company and they were really good.
                                      Someone else recommended those chickens on C'hound.

                                3. They also have big purple organic okra. I bought some but haven't tried it yet. Does anyone know when they're getting the grass fed rib eye back? Aberdeen or Hardwick Farms I believe.

                                  1. local cherry tomatoes are in!
                                    also, the Hepworth Farms cherries are gorgeous, and the local lettuces are still excellent and super cheap
                                    : )

                                    1. Raw sheeps milk blue cheese. Persille De Malzleu Blue from France. Strong without having that fumey (is that a word?) after bite. And very rich. Really great stuff.

                                      1. Now for an opposite. Don't bother with the Slope Farm's Steak. It's pretty bad. Stick with Hardwick.

                                        1. Was in there over the weekend and saw smoked ham on sale. Any recommendations on what you can DO with this?

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                                          1. re: laurabee

                                            Cut it into chunks and stir it in soup. Maybe use it as a base.

                                            1. re: laurabee

                                              I got some of it, and the Irish bacon that's part of the same overstock
                                              I made ham salad sandwiches (diced ham with mustard mayo cornichon pickles,shallots) I kept part of it frozen for soup/bean flavoring later, or pork broth making (long story - see home cooking board.)
                                              You could also use a chunk to flavor whatever you want to fry chicken in (organic lard, for instance, in the bottom of the meat cooler)

                                              The Irish bacon is still frozen, so I can't report.

                                              The local stone fruits are in - pluots, plums, apricots ETC
                                              woooooo, summer!