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Apr 12, 2007 05:13 PM

PARK SLOPE FOOD CO-OP: what's good this week? (redux)

I ranted about all the great new butters a few months ago. I've moved on to cheese -- an aged pecorino in Cheese of the Week (not the Toscano, the one next to it), and a semi-hard organic aged goat called Petenwell Reserve that's on a bunch of cheese blogs for winning an award. And Rogue Smoked Blue when it's on the shelf. Ditto Zamorano, which is like manchego but better.WAnd that Italian buffalo mozz that comes in water balloons - I had no idea how great that cheese was until the last thread pointed it out. Super fresh tasting . . .

What else?

I'd like to continue this rolling list of what's new and fabulous, since for me it's impossible to keep track and I constantly have the experience of wondering "When Did We Start Selling THIS?"
So, what's new?

PLEASE, no Coop haters or drama -- just food, what YOUR latest find is . . .
did you try the marcona fried almonds yet?

There's been a thread running for a few months here
but I'm finding it too hard to locate since it doesn't show on my Recent Posts since it's so old.

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  1. Anyone want to talk about chicken? I did not love the Dines skinless thighs I got -- used to the Cloonshee legs/thighs with skin, but they're not available anymore. Maybe it's my bad for buying skinless, but it wasn't as good as Cloonshee.

    1. hmmm, has anyone noticed that the ORGANIC RED BELL PEPPERS have been shite lately? they just havent been firm at all. theyre all soft and not peek at all. not complaining (i LOVE being a member of the coop), just thought id see what you all feel.

      well, i dont think theyre exactly new to the Coop, but yesterday i tried the RAW REVOLUTION bars for the first time. i had the chocolate coconut flavor - awesome. really good flavor. it is a raw bar, so theres no nice crunch texture, but it does have tremendous flavor. the main ingredient is cashew (it does NOT say if its sprouted/soaked or not which kind of irks me but...)

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      1. re: ben61820

        Try the smaller, sweet, orange, red, yellow peppers in the clamshell. They are fantastic and organic.

      2. Olives! Has anyone tried the pickled garlic, green olive, cornichon mix. . .oh my gawd - it is like crack. . . .and the olive oil selection is getting better too.

        1. There are curried cashews bagged in the bulk aisle. Garam Masala. oh. my. god. Talk about crack.

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          1. re: AndiAttack

            yeah, and just today I noticed this spanish cocktail mix - dried fava beans, chickpeas, spanish almonds, pistachios and cornnuts. uh, so salty and delicious . . it was on the bottom shelf of the end of the bulk aisle, across from the cheese.

            1. re: yuriwebboy

              Yeah, I bought that also. I enjoyed it. That spot is the "Vegan" area.

              1. re: yuriwebboy

                THIS JUST IN: MSG> There is msg in the olive, cornichon and green olive mix. More to follow. . .

            2. yeah, this thread got revived!
              the long dormant PSFC blog appears to be alive again

              bummer about that olive mix MSG thing . . . packed off to City Harvest, or are they in the store, marked down, by any chance?

              and the fava beans nut mix is on the raw food/vegan endcap, not with regular bulk/bagged items, correct?

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              1. re: pitu

                Yes, the fava bean nut mix is on the raw food/vegan endcap on the bottom, right shelf (almost hidden)

                1. re: dimples

                  I shopped Weds evening and couldn't find it - what does the packaging look like?

                  I noticed there's banana leaves in frozen now, and fiddlehead ferns in produce - those have a super short season. I think the blood oranges are over, but the last bunch I got last week was soooo good.
                  AppleSister, I second the organic strawberries! I wouldn't think to buy melon at this time of year, so thanks for the tip. : )

                  1. re: pitu

                    Hmmm they are just in little plastic bags. Maybe they are out of it now.

                    1. re: pitu

                      Hmm, I have to revise my recommendation of the melons as my melon at breakfast this morning was a little woodsy. Guess it's time to move on to other fruits!