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Apr 12, 2007 04:59 PM

Before-Prom dinner in Annapolis/Baltimore

My boyfriend and I want to go out to a fancy dinner [we'll be dressed in our prom clothes] in Annapolis or Baltimore, preferably by the water. We want someplace that serves both Seafood and American food, since we like different things.

Do you have any suggestions for us to look at?

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  1. Sure, Chart House, Lewnes, or O'Leary's in Eastport.

    1. Yellow Fin. But I have to disagree with Chownut (sorry) about Chart House, IMO they went down hill years ago. Maybe they've changed?

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        I second the recs for O'Learys and Lewnes. Lewnes seafood is limited but what they offer is great. O'Learys has fabulous seafood and a few non-seafood offerings. Service in both places is top-notch. Prices are top-notch as well, but it's a special occasion, right?

        1. re: cbauer

          Chart House is nice - I like Pussers a lot, but it can be a bit less formal, but you can get nice dinner reservations too.

        2. Chart House after Isabella was redone and has nice views from the bar area, but not as nice for the restuarant area which is in the back. No one said Carroll's Creek which is right beside Chart House and much better and has excellent waterfront views. And I think O'Leary's has the best seafood in Annapolis.

          1. The Rockfish is also nice. Good food, nice atmosphere and slightly less expensive than chart house or O'Leary's. It's in Eastport, just over the drawbridge from downtown annapolis. And you'd be fine in prom clothes. In fact, I remember seeing prom-goers there last year.