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Apr 12, 2007 04:51 PM

Any fans of Richardson's Dairy?

What is your favorite flavor? Me: tied b/w purple cow and coffee heath bar crunch.

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  1. yes. ice cream is good and the batting cages, mini golf, etc. add to it. Mocha & Coffee flavors are great.

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    1. re: ShelT54

      I LOVE their soft serve...the best I've had in Ma.!! And a second to coffee heath bar crunch!

    2. yes, love that place. and as boring as it is, i really like their vanilla.

        1. Totally Turtle , but in the fall Pumpkin

          1. I love their mint chocolate chip, which has *giant* chocolate chips. I wish they wouldn't dye it green, though.

            When at Richardson's I also like to pick up their milk. Their 1% tastes like 2% to me, and right there at the dairy they sell it at absurdly low prices.

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            1. re: srgoodman

              Love the choices and the prices!
              Far superior to anything in the city. Have been going for over 20 years.
              Cabot's in Newton uses thier ice cream. ANyone know who else uses Richardson?

              1. re: maxevan

                Mediteraneo..the gyro place on Washington St.DowntownXing...actually in the old Filenes building sells their ice cream. I like their pumpkin and apple crisp..available seasonally, coffee, rum raisin,pistachi. I don't think thet have all the flavors...but rotate maybe a dozen or so.

                1. re: maxevan

                  Jordan's in Reading and I think Dandi lyons in Reading also.

                  1. re: maxevan

                    Bedford Farms in Bedford MA sells Richardson's.

                      1. re: maxevan

                        There's a fairly new burger place in Beverly at Beverly Plaza. I think it's Big Bully's. They have EVERY Richardson's flavor! Good burgers and great fries, sweet potato fries and onion rings too.

                      2. re: srgoodman

                        My favorite is their rocky road or french vanilla. I also buy their 2% milk which is creamy, better than the supermarket brand milk and locally produced. I like to support the Massachusetts dairy farmers!