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Apr 12, 2007 04:45 PM

Grimaldi's and Lombardi's overrun with tourists?

Have read on this board that they can be. I'll be one (a tourist) in July and would really like some NY pizza. Should I avoid these two places or go for it? Any other suggestions? Thanks.

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        1. Lombardi's is quite good, but you can do better in Manhattan. Maybe worth going to to pay homage, and it's not like it's bad pizza, but if I had to eat only 3 pizzas in NYC, it wouldn't make the list.

          Grimaldi's is, I think, at about the pinnacle of its particular style. Best pizza in NYC? Well, that's kind of a religious debate - Sicilian vs Grandmother vs Round vs Crackery Flatbread, Gas vs Wood vs Coal, newfangled vs traditional. Best old-NY coal-fired pizza in the city? Yes, edging out Patsy's in East Harlem and Totonno's (which are similar in style, but which I don't think are quite as good). I usually try to go for lunch on weekdays, but by mistake some friends and I went on Good Friday. We stood in line for 45 minutes; the people in front of us were from Salt Lake City, the people behind us were speaking Polish (I think) and taking pictures. It was completely worth it.

          1. Hi-

            Please post a seperate query for Grimaldi's which is covered on the Outer Bouroghs board. Let's confine the pizza discussion here to Manhattan venues.