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Route 40 soup company (Alberta)

Anyone been?? Looks amazing on the web site. Thinking about adding it to our Trip and looking for a little chow feedback. Thanks in advance

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  1. coastie:

    Never heard of it but the web-site does make it sound interesting and the Highwood Pass, Turner Valley, Black Diamond, Longview area is beautiful country.

    You might want to re-post on the Western Canada Board as it is frequented by a lot of Calgarians who are more likely to have tried it.

    1. I made the drive out from Calgary well over a year ago, so my information may be a bit out of date. However, when i went, the soups were mostly amazing! Im a big big soup fan, and two of the three soups we tried were definitely in the rarefied air of top notch. The last soup was good, but i think relative to the other soups we had, it just didnt quite pack the same punch.

      The food was decent, but not spectacular. My understanding is they have a new, more full service menu for dinner now, but i can't comment on it. It used to be just sandwiches and soup. The sandwiches were very good - fresh ingredients, good sized well constructed sandwiches, but i would personally be more interested in a second bowl of soup.

      They have a nice looking patio, though it was closed when i was out there. It looked like a wonderful place to spend a warm spring day.

      Let us know if you end up going, and what your experiences are with it!

      1. I have bought these soups at the Millarville Market, had no idea that they had a restaurant as well. The soups are always amazing. Definitely the highligt of that market for me. I would also like to hear about the restaurant experience. Have fun!

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          One of the best places to eat in the province. Love this place, former chef of the Ranche. Tonnes of food for the price.

        2. Resurrecting this because we were there last Thursday (Sept 13)- my blogged comments:

          "We departed a little before noon on Thursday, so we were pretty famished by the time we got past the city limits on 22X. Lunch was in Turner Valley, just SW of Calgary along the “Cowboy Trail,” highway 22, which straddles foothills and the mountains in a most pleasing way. We ate at the much-lauded Route 40 Soup Company, on Main St (which conveniently is also 22) in Turner Valley. It was completely superb- we shared an order of “road chips,” which are thick-cut fries with various root veggies and a sort of curry mayo dip. I could have eaten a bushel of these; they’re fabulous. A cup of soup with chorizo sausage and roasted veg and vermicelli noodles was lovely, and my entree of rice penne (I wasn’t sure if rice pasta lent itself to penne, but the waitress was so adamant about its deliciousness that I gave in) with wild mushrooms and smoked turkey in a wine-y cream sauce was rich and just shockingly flavourful. We’d heard lots of good things about this place (when it was actually on route 40 somewhere else in that bucolic area south of Calgary- High River, maybe?) and now knowing that it’s at most a 45-minute drive from home (in decent traffic, mind), we’ll be back for sure."

          Lunch for two with split appie, two cups of delicious soup, and two entrees was $40.

          1. Anyone know what's up at Route 40? I was planning a trip out there this weekend, but now the site says they're closed until further notice...

            (I had posted this before and quoted a post by someone from Route 40, but both posts seem to be gone... perhaps CH boards work differently than those I'm used to)

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              I called- they had a flood a couple of days ago (Nov 4) and were hoping to reopen today- this was from a recorded message so I can't say if they've actually re-opened.

              So no, praised be, they are NOT closing!

            2. It is amazing! I live in the area and we use this restaurant reguarly as a caterer for events and I go there for meals often! You won't be sorry! SO GOOD!

              1. LOVED this place when we found it by accident one day during the mother of all rainstorms like only Southern Alberta can do. Really solid, tasty, comfort food.

                1. One of the VERY BEST restaurants in and around Calgary, and one of my favorite places to eat. Everything is fantastic, with so much flavor. (try the turkey burger with cranberry salza mmmmm) You can taste that almost everything comes from local farms and is soooo fresh. Much thought is put into preparation and presentation. The price for what you get is reasonable. (and I'm on my way there for lunch in minutes!)

                  1. THIS IS ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVS!
                    Mark the Chef is fabulous and is really involved with sourcing food locally, he knows and promotes his farmers.
                    We often make the trip out to enjoy dinner or lunch.
                    It is also the perfect way to end a Saturday morning at millarville market.
                    Hands down worth the drive over and over again.

                    1. The food here is good BUT ironically, I've never had a soup I liked here - I've had three.

                      1. I went by the restaurant today (Sunday, June 6, 2010) and it's apparently been CLOSED: the building was empty. Does anyone know what happened?

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                          They are closed on Sundays...was it as simple as that?

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                            I heard on SSP that they had closed. Very, very sad.

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                              That's too bad. I was going to be in Turner Valley next week and hoped to try it. Any alternatives for lunch in that area (Longview, Bragg Creek, anywhere in that region is fine...)

                              1. re: Dan G

                                Chuckwagon Cafe, also in Turner Valley, is excellent.

                                Chuckwagon Cafe
                                105 Sunset Blvd, Turner Valley, AB T0L 2A0, CA

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                            Yeah, my folks are in town so we drove out there for lunch on saturday, and yup, they've closed the restaurant, although they were serving soup in styrofoam cups and ice cream for Turner Valley's pioneer days or whatever else was going on in town that day (petting zoo and inflatable bouncing structures for the kids in the park across the street).

                            Anyways, someone there mentioned that they were winding up the restaurant (selling all the gear that day too), but were going to focus on making and selling frozen soups for the at-home market.