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Apr 12, 2007 03:51 PM

What to eat at Pylos - tonight!

Heading to Pylos for the first time with a friend, and wanted to know which dishes were particularly memorable/delicious/not-to-be-missed. Not sure how large the small plates are, but we were thinking of maybe sharing two small plates and the lamb shank entree, which sounds amazing... Any ideas? Thanks!

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  1. Oh boy! I'm so excited for you!!!
    My fave app's are: pastry filled with cured beef and the saganaki
    Main meal: moussaka and i hear that the lamb is awesome

    Enjoy your time and report back!!! :)

    1. Had a lovely time at Pylos last night! The place was busy when we got there for our 9pm reservation, but we were seated promptly. The atmosphere was great, good amount of buzz without being too noisy. A plate of warm pita wedges was immediately brought over, accompanied with a yummy chickpea (I'm guessing) spread that had a nice peppery bite.

      My friend and I ended up sharing three small plates and an entree, which was just the right amount of food. We started with the saganaki, which was full of cheesy goodness, but I wished the cheese had been a bit more 'melty' when it was served. The grilled octopus came next, and it was really very delicious. Perfectly cooked, not rubbery at all, complemented by the tart balsamic vinegar and capers. This dish really brought to mind Greece in all its sun-drenched glory. Our final small plate was the sausage in tomato sauce. The sausages themselves were nicely spiced, but the tomato sauce wasn't anything special... We were both left wondering if we should have ordered phyllo pastries instead.

      But the real winner of the evening was the lamb shank entree, which was absolutely perfect. The meat was falling-off-the-bone delicious, and the stuffed eggplant and tomato sides were a great complement. Sharing this with my friend was quite difficult, but I somehow managed to let him have a few bites :) I noticed the greek salad was popular with the other diners, as was the pastitsio. Will have to give those a try next time.

      Our bill came to about $100 with tip, including two beers and two glasses of wine. We had a great time here, would be very happy to come back.

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