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Apr 12, 2007 03:47 PM

Fresno area: My sister's 50th Birthday Dinner!

I want it to be fantabulous. She lives in Clovis, but we can travel a bit. Expense is not a relevant question and the only food restriction is that I'm not particularly fond of Japenese. That being said, it is her Birthday and I want the best. Recommendations for a Friday or Saturday night dinner and a Sunday brunch would be greatly appreciated.


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  1. For dinner suggestions, I'd need more info. Is this for just the two of you or a group? What IS her favorite kind of food, ie Chinese, Italian, steak?

    Though I haven't been there, I've heard that the Copper Creek CC has a very good brunch. You could call for price and general menu information.

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    1. re: Gail

      Thanks, Gail. My sister's tastes are pretty eclectic. We love great Mexican, any kind of Asian, Italian, Spanish, just about anything that makes your eyes pop.


      1. re: Cecelia

        Asian: Kim's Vietnamese (Shaw & Fresno)
        Italian: Parma (Herndon & Marks)
        Spanish: I hear (have not been) Flamingco
        Mexican: Maybe brunch, food OK, Margaritas excellent, Sun Mariachis fun (Blackstone)
        Brunch: Imperial Gardens dim sum, right off the carts Sat. & Sun. Very plain place with good Chinese food. (Herndon & Blackstone)

        1. re: Gail

          Let me second the recommendation for Imperial Garden's dim sum, we enjoy this as often as we can on weekends. If Mexican is preferred for Sunday brunch then Acapulco puts on a really yummy one. Yes it's a chain, but the food is really really good and not your ordinary fare. For Italian we like Mike's for their homemade bread, minestrone, great calzone, and white clam sauce. For Spanish we like La Paella for their assorted tapas platter and their white Sangria. The best place for steaks around here is definitely Cattleman's in Selma. If non dim sum Chinese is wanted, Hunan is excellent (especially their 'special' menu) and you can't beat a chef who has won the Bocuse D'or award.

          1. re: foodchick45

            I am going to third that recommendation for Imperial Garden dim sum on Sunday morning. It is easily one of the best "brunches" in the city. However, it must be noted that you need to get there early! If you mosey over there at 12 noon, it will be packed with a line outside the door and you will wait forever. You really need to get there a few minutes before they open on Sunday (by 10:30 am I think) to get a table without waiting. If this timeline doesn't work for you, then I think you might want to look elsewhere.

    2. Lately, Chowhound consensus seems to be Cracked Pepper Bistro. I'd also recommend Bistro Rustico.

      Sunday brunch is harder - Compagnia's has a jazz brunch but I haven't eaten there (for brunch) so I can't say what the food quality is. Brunch somewhere in Oakhurst or Coarsegold might be an idea - fairly scenic drive - but I may be out on a limb here because no particular place comes to mind. Did you weant brunch to be more upscale or casual??

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      1. re: tavmark

        We've talked about CPB. Have you been there? Pros and cons. Would you choose CPB or Bistro Rustico? Thank you so very much


        1. re: Cecelia

          I have been to both. CPB - excellent food but small size. Vatche now has wine and beer, but it may be difficult to get a table. Bistro Rustico - food is usually outstanding, but sometimes is off a little - still good, but not necessarily as good as it could be. Larger area so getting a table might be easier than CPB. Also has wine now. Honestly, to choose - I can't really say. Either works. If location makes any differnce one is by Fashion Fair (i.e. closer to Clovis), other is at Palm and Bullard.

          1. re: tavmark

            I have been to Bistro Rustico numerous times and the food has always been wonderful and consistent. It's a great place to have a delicous dinner, or lunch, without the "white linen tablecloth" atmosphere. It's casual (not like chain restaurant casual, perhaps like Max's casual) and makes you want to enjoy a long experience.

            I have not been to CPB but I have heard great things about it. The owners of both Bistro Rustico and CPB are good friends and dine at each others establishments!! That has to be a good sign!!