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Apr 12, 2007 03:36 PM

whitestone chow?

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just moved to whitestone from little neck
I am a chef and always lookin for better foods.

i have tried: ok
mikes grill/deli.. not bad
christinas deli/grill eh
tokyo - very good sushu but bad health report review on NYC inspection page(i also use that to judge where i go lol)
cascan bakery very yum

i need some real food

help ty


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  1. The place I go the most often is Tony's Deli on 154th street between 11 and 12th aves. The family that runs it are amazing people. First, they make very good breakfast sandwiches. Second, the hot food they serve at lunch is very good. The mother makes it all and she's great. Her penne and vodka sauce is a favorite. Its version of an italian hero, the Tony's Special, is great. Very good fresh mozzerrella. Also really like the grilled panninis.

    Utopia Bagels on Utopia PKWY has fantastic bagels and bialys. I don't love most of the pizza in whitestone. Drive to flushing for asian, but for takeout, Kings Chef in the shopping center on the cross island service road is the best for that area.

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      I think you are posting on the wrong board. This is the tri-state region board. What you want is the outer boro's board.
      Oh and by the way I second Tony's Deli, homestyle italian deli with amazing food.

    2. Tony's Deli on 154th street is my all-time favorite Italian deli...and as an Italian who grew up in an Italian neighborhood, that is saying something. Not only is the food amazing, but the people who work there are great. It is a true family atmosphere, and all of their customers are part of the family. I second the Italian Hero and the Fresh Mozzarella. I sent my girlfriend to pickup both items yesterday. Tony's also has great coffee of all kinds. My father (who is extremely picky about food, especially Italian food) goes there almost every day (no exaggeration).

      Also second Utopia Bagels. Still my favorite bagels. Go before noon if you can...but expect lines on the weekends.

      You already know of Cascon...I'll also recommend Stork's as a bakery. Favorite jelly donut ever and great pies, cakes, and bread.

      Martha's Vineyard has my favorite chicken parm...I'll stop there for takeout every now and then but only for chicken parm- haven't felt the same love for the rest of their menu.

      1. We love Takara on 14th Ave. for Sushi.
        They just expanded and now have a nice dining room in the rear.
        Try the Japanese Pizza.
        The Clinton is reliable red sauce Italian run/staffed by very nice people.
        The Sicilian slice @ Matese Pizza on Franny Lew and the regular pie @ Graziella's, also on FLB are my choices for local pizza.
        We just tried Nikita's Place ( next to Utopia Bagels ) and they have a great Chicken Doner sandwich there. Mrs K. thinks they are the same group that owns Gyro Corner.
        There is a great Italian market called Marino Brothers on 163rd @ Bayside.

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          The Grandma pizza at Matese is also very good. (Although it was better before the renovation -- anyone else feeling this?). Love the Greek (pork) gyro at Gyro World on 195th and Northern. Great fries there too. They use good imported feta there, and the service is excellent.

        2. I second the recommendation for Nikita's place - just tried it and can't wait to go back!

          1. For good Italian, try Il Fagiano on Utopia. The decor is nothing great, but the food is wonderful. I had black linguine with seafood there the other night and it was fantastic.