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Apr 12, 2007 03:27 PM

What to do with the chicken from the soup?

My kids love chicken soup but I hate to eat the chicken from the soup (my mother made e eat it as a child when I was sick). Usually I make a curried chicken salad or the Empire recipe for twice cooked chicken. Any ideas? I'm kosher so please include idea that have no dairy of any kind.

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  1. Honesty, meats used in soup, especially soups that are cooked for over 2 hours or so, loses much of its flavor. The flavor of the chicken goes into the soup, so the chicken will not have much flavor.

    I'm thinking of dipping the meat in soy sauce or something like that.

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      WHills is right; the chicken won't have much flavor, so your best best is to serve it in some kind of richly-flavored sauce: marinara over pasta, barbecue sauce, honey-mustard, teriyaki, spicy chili, tikka masala (without the yogurt) . . .

    2. lots of soups use the broth without the chicken-- maybe try those? or portion out some soup for yourself before you put the chicken back in for the kids? i am assuming you are referring to a homemade chx soup here that employs an integral stock, but it's possible i'm misunderstanding. . .

      1. I personally like it back in the soup but when I do have too much I too have made chicken salad - I have also used for oriental dishes such as fried rice or egg rolls

        But like the other posts it does tend to be flavorless so anything that adds addiitonal spices helps -

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          I toss it into a simple mole: guajillo chiles, a couple hotter dried chiles, garlic, a touch of cumin, salt, pepper. I usually freeze the meat in portions and pull out a package to eat with mole and tortillas for a super-quick supper.
          The meat would also be good in enchiladas.

        2. When I was growing up, my mother served chicken soup and the chicken from the soup as a main course every . Friday . night! Obviously, Shabbat dinner. My grandmother, who lived nearby, did the same, and it was actually she who bought the chickens, giving one to my mother. The soup was o.k. with me, but I positively *loathed* that chicken. Yech!

          When I would go to my grandmother's house, since she knew how I felt, when she served me that chicken, she would "doctor" it. She would fry up some onions, then put the cooked chicken pieces into the pan and sprinkle paprika (and maybe garlic salt?) over them. It was pretty tasty that way.

          If I were providing a recipe for it today, I would say "saute" lots of sliced onions, use lots of fresh chopped garlic and freshly ground pepper in addition to the paprika. Add a little water to make some "sauce." Toss in some potatoes, previously cut into pieces and boiled, or serve the chicken over rice or noodles.

          1. When I make chicken soup, I remove the chicken from the stock when the meat is cooked. I take the meat off the bones, then return the bones back to the stock. That way, the chicken meat isn't cooked into flavorlessness.

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              that's what i do too. it seems pointless to eat chicken that's had all the flavor cooked out of it. after a certain point, only the bones are contributing to the broth anyway.

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                This is what I do, also. The chicken is great, the soup or stock is great.