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Apr 12, 2007 03:21 PM

What to eat in Big Bend?

What are the good places to eat in Marfa and other towns around Big Bend National Park?
I've heard Maya's is good and that there's a good pizza place. Is Reata still good? Is there anything at all around Terlingua (isn't that where the chili cook off is)?
Thanks for the advice.

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  1. My report is a year old, but things may not have changed much:

    Have fun, and go through Alpine if you can--it's a neat little town.
    And don't miss hiking into Santa Elena Canyon, if you've never done it.

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      Reata is in Alpine and it's pretty good.

    2. pHat Cafe in Terlingua! We were there a few nights ago and were so pleased. It's a small adobe house where chef Nathan Stevens serves 4-course Asian-inspired dinners, one seating per night. Comfy service and atmosphere, inspired cooking. Lunch is more casual.

      The night we were there he used Indian flavors. First were pork kofta (meatballs) atop egg noodles and a bit of very light broth. Next, a salad of home-grown swiss chard and Fort Davis tomatoes in a nice vinaigrette, with shrimp toast points. Perfectly seared venison was the main, with garam masala mashed taters and a not-too-sweet Hoisin sauce. Desert was simple and perfect--macerated strawberries with vanilla ice cream. All for $28. BYOB.

      Call to check his schedule at 432-371-2520, or just drop by for lunch. I think the schedule may be erratic but he said he's staying in town (Terlingua) this summer.