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Apr 12, 2007 03:19 PM

graduation dinner in San Francisco, recs please!

Hey fellow foodies,
I'm graduating in May from USF (Richmond District / Panhandle area). I'm looking for a place to have a small graduation dinner (10 people or less) in San Francisco.

Places I want to avoid: crowded, fancy/stuffy, expensive, extremely difficult parking, and small plates (relatives are not big fans of small plates).

Things I want: the ability to make a reservation, good food (preferably a place that values and/or emphasizes sustainability), something unique to San Francisco with seafood and vegetarian options.
Is that picky enough? :)

I'm an east bay native, and don't really venture into SF that often for dinner. I need some help!


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  1. Have you thought about the communal table at Piperade (obviously, it wouldn't be communal for 10 people). Piperade may or may not be rough for veggies in that they have lots of vegetarian options, but they are all small plates. I think both nopa and Range only take reservations for 8 or fewer but both are awesome (Range is better). Parking at either can be rediculous (especially at nopa). Aziza? Plus it isn't so far from USF. Eh? To hell with it, just go to Slanted Door and use the valet. It isn't the best restaurant in th city, but I've never had a bad, or mediocre, or merely "good" meal there. They have valet, are veggie frienedly, aren't overly expensive, and certainly especially with the views, somewhat unique to SF.

    1. I believe someone asked this exact question a while ago about a dinner after USF graduation. Some suggestions included The Richmond and Aziza (both good for proximity to USF).

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        I think Aziza is a great rec, however that depends on what your definition of expensive is. I think that the value is excellent for the price, but for ten people that won't be an inexpensive meal. You can look at the menu (with prices) online and see what you think. Lots of options for vegetarians there, and the food is excellent.

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          Aziza seems like the perfect fit. Groups do a four course tasting menu, designed for family style sharing. Portions are large (if anything, you'll have leftovers), the food is excellent, the kitchen emphasizes sustainability, and the atmosphere hits a good balance between intimate, casual, and convivial. Lots of options for seafood lovers and vegetarians, and the meat is delicious as well. At $50/head it's not cheap, but hardly expensive, and a great value. The real danger comes with their amazing cocktails, which can add up by the end of the evening. Parking isn't easy, but it isn't extremely difficult either.

          Check out the menu here:

        2. After my daughter's USF graduation last year, we had a Chinese banquet at Great Eastern. The food was good (plenty of seafood and veggie options, of course), and it was fun for the out-of-towners. We ordered one of their set menus, and everyone enjoyed it. As you probably know, 10 is the perfect number for a banquet table.