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Apr 12, 2007 03:15 PM

Has anyone been to an event at one of these places in the San Diego area?

My friend is considering having her wedding this summer or fall at one of these locations in the Lake San Marcos area near San Diego:

Lake San Marcos Inn/Resort
Seapoint Resort
El Camino Country Club

She's trying to plan this long distance with limited time for site visits, so any insight into the food, service, overall ambiance, etc would be so helpful. She's looking for great chow that will appeal to all ages. Suggestions to other venues for a wedding reception in the area with great chow would also be appreciated. Either continental or Mexican food is preferable.

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  1. I went to brunch on Lake San Marcos before its fairly recent remodel (I think it was called Quails Inn). The food was lousy, very throw-back buffet. Even if the food is better, I can't much recommend the venue. The interior might be nice now, but the view was not terribly pleasant. Ducks on the lake meant duck crap on the sidewalks, and the nearby retirement trailer community does not exactly make for a nice backdrop. You could definitely do better in San Diego county.

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      the resort at lake san marcos is our company's ULTIMATE back-up hotel, as in we only book there when there is absolutely no where else available. For a reason. I would never hold one of my events there unless I absolutely had to...
      Lake San Marcos is retirement land and I've heard that the restaurant is kind of sub-par for what it is.

      There are much nicer hotels available especially for a wedding --
      You should look into the Rancho Bernardo inn -- it's a bit farther but the venues are great (nice big ballroom) and they do a lot of outdoor weddings. Lovely golf course over there too. Oh and El Bizcocho does all the catering at the RBI, which is huge.

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        Thanks to both of you, this is very useful info!

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          Can't vouch for the culinary experience, but as a neighbor across the street from Orfilia's winery in Escondido (San Pasqual valley), they have a number of weddings held there during the summer.