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Good Caterers Toronto

Need some reco's for decent caterer's in toronto. Looking for tapas inspired hor dourvers. Nothing too expensive but not cheese and melba toast cheap. any suggestions?

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  1. "Toben - Food by Design". Not a great name for a caterer perhaps, but they did our law firm Christmas party, and the food was excellent.

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      Try Noble Culinary Creations. Neal Noble formerly of Senses Catering runs it. Top notch food and presentations.

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        Oh, wow, thanks! I was wondering where he went.

        He really is very very good. I'll have to check it out.

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          Today I hosted a baby shower for my sister, and we used Noble Culinary Creations. I cannot speak highly enough about it. My sister is a vegetarian, and so I wanted the meal to be vegetarian so she could eat everything -- a difficult feat to make an all vegetarian meal and please an entire crowd of 30. But everyone was raving about the food. We had dim sum, noodles, sushi, spring rolls, sandwiches, strudels, etc. and the ingredients were all high-end and delicious. We had a chef there during the party, as well as a server -- they were amazing!!! Honestly, even the service just planning the party was amazing -- the coordinator always got back to me right away and even spoke to me yesterday (saturday) morning about some questions I had. I have worked as an event planner in the past and have used many caterers - honestly, they are the best I've ever worked with. Phenomenal.

      2. awesome. thanks guys. somehow i was under the impression that Marc Mccewan had a catering company as well but i could be wrong. but again, i would assume if he did, it would be $$$

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          Mark McEwan caters through his restaurants, Bymark and North 44, I believe. You could always try and contact either restaurant to find out more information about his catering services. I've never used his catering services, only have eaten at Bymark for lunch a couple times.

        2. Wanda's in the Kitchen with Dinah on Mt. Pleasant does good high end cocktail food and menus. Dinah also has a relatively new cocktail party cookbook in the stores. I would highly recommend the duck spring rolls.

          1. Tony Nuth, the former chef and owner of Herbs, and his wife run a great catering business called Beyond Catering. They are such fantastic people, and everything that I have had from their kitchen is awesome. Check out their website: www.beyondcatering.ca.

            1. i am a fan of small caterers who listen to what you want & design the menu specifically for you. Here's a couple I know:
              The Moveable Feast
              Yorkshire Pudding
              Les Louises

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                I agree martinigirls. I highly recommend Ezra Title of Chezvous Dining. He does amazing, creative food. Very personable too! My wife hired him for my 50th - what a great night we had. He put on a fabulous dinner with a demo course, everyone raved!!!

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                  there are literally hundreds of caterers, so reco's are great. I'll look up Chezvous- thanks!

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                  I second Yorkshire Pudding. They catered a private Christmas party I went to in December at a friend's house, the food was tasty and the service professional while warm and friendly.

                  Yorkshire Pudding
                  854 The Queensway, Toronto, ON M8Z, CA

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                    I have to agree. We attended a private dinner party and then an office opening where Yorkshire Pudding were the caterers. The food was fabulous quality and very interesting, the service was excellent. Highly recommend this caterer.

                3. I'm a big fan of Food Magic Catering... 416 485 2047. We had a great event down with them down at Porter Pier...

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                    Isn't Food Magic and Magic Oven one company? I think their addresses are the same.

                  2. All My Favourite Foods

                    I was at a 30th bday party. The food was great. We were served mini mac & cheese, sliders, grilled cheese etc... comfort food in individual serving sizes. Apparently, the prices are fantastic and the food was quite good!

                    1. Daniel et Daniel are a Toronto institution. Have used them numerous times with great results. Marigolds and Onions is pretty good also

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                        L'Eat Caterers (Tony) are affiliated with Paese restaurant and are terrific for what you are looking for, Certainly much more affordable than North 44 catering or Daniel. They catered my husband's "39th" birthday party and were fabulous.

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                          Two excellent choices, Finnegan. I second both of them.

                        2. Has anyone had any experience with Jonathan Preskow Catering, Jayne's Gourmet Catering or Bite Catering (all three are in Toronto)?

                          1. By David's (part of the Rose Reismann group now) catered my July wedding (after our original caterer, Sumptuous folded--they were seamless and honoured everything int eh original contract). They were fab and the hors d'oeuvres were fantastic. I still get compliments.