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Apr 12, 2007 02:40 PM

Need suggestions for birthday dinner in Atlanta

We will be staying at the Intercontinental in Buckhead for a weekend in early June. I would appreciate any suggestions for restaurants in Buckhead for a birthday dinner. Nothing too pricey. Perhaps something in the $50 per person range including a glass of wine.
Any help would be appreciated.

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  1. There are a lot of little restaurants converted from old houses in Buckhead - some are in the Piedmont/Pharr/E. Paces Ferry area - e.g. Anis, Mosaic, etc. I think they are charming and lovely and early June should be a perfect time to dine outside. It's not completely top notch food, but the atmosphere is great.

    Not sure about Kyma if that would be too expensive but I love their food.

    1. Not a local place, but Maggianos is generally safe and good for birthday type situations. I've always found it to be a pretty solid fall back, and one of the better places for groups.

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        If you want Italian, there are better places. Portofino is a relatively good-sized restaurant, in Buckhead as well, and really delicious. Call and tell them how big your party will be and they should prepare for the size.

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          Laurendlewis you are correct, what about Paul's Restaurant on Kings Circle in peachtree hills and I do love Anis too.
          Maggianos no no no.

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            LOVE Anis too! Might be small if glsebs is having a larger party, but if it's nice weather they could put some tables together outside.

      2. In Buckhead, I would suggest Bluepointe, Aria, or Nava. If those are too expensive, Twist is also very fun.

        1. I did this same research back in January for my Dad's 70th. My situation was a limit of $50 per person, including wine & gratuity for a party of 25, various ages and preferably in a private room. I began to realize how quickly it all added up a la carte. So I decided to go with a fixed menu and a selection of wines at The Clubhouse. (the near corner of Lenox Mall if coming from the Intercontinental). Food was not stellar (not bad either), and everyone loved the private room and location. Customer service was great. They even provided a separate 1-page menu with the header "Jim's 70th Birthday". Also, if you join their Club you get a restaurant gift card based on the amount you spend that night. So now I have a gift card of $150.
          Maybe not what you were looking for, but I know how difficult it is to research every restaurant in that area and thought this might be helpful. If you're going for ambiance and unique food, this might not be the place. All my guests enjoyed it as our gathering was more about the people. Good luck.

          1. I live in Atlanta and love food so here's my two cents.... Rathbuns is a great place for a birthday dinner - they divide the menu into small, medium, large and second mortgage plates. we love to share a bunch of the smaller ones. always interesting and delicious. and a great space (in an old stove factory) check out their website - make reservations. for something more intimate, i love La Tavola in Virginia Highland. small, romantic, rustic, Italian, delicious. I also like Anis, which is in an intimate country French setting (old house converted). Great food and if the weather is not stiffling, you can sit outside.

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              I like La Tavola too, but it can be a bit small (and loud) for a party larger than 4-6.