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Apr 12, 2007 02:32 PM

Make-up Dinner

My neice from UK will be in NYC this weeked-some of you may remember i was going to meet here and you gave me fabulous recommendations for 40's aunt with 20's niece. Due to family emergency, I cannot go now. However, I did creat a great itinerary that includes:
The Modern
The Stanton Social, etc that she will enjoy with her colleagues in the fashion world.

Now she needs a romantic restaurant for Monday night to make up with her b/f. Oh the drama of young love! Her request to me is below, which I wisely pass on to the hounds to field. The party she refers to is somewhere in Manhattan and they can hop a cab and go anywhere. Although I think outer-boroughs is too far.

Quote from niece: "On Monday after the party where would you recommend for b/f and I?............... want somewhere, romantic and relaxed with good food and great desserts (he loves desserts), also where for drinks????. Xx We like restaurants that have booths so we can sit next to each other!!."

It sounds like the booth and the sweet are the most important thing. They like all food.



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  1. Well, they don't have booths, but small tables, and it is a small intimate space....The restaurant is "Home" in the West Village...Their chocolate pudding for dessert is legendary....You can check it out at

    1. 5 Ninth is VERY romantic...the atmosphere is beautiful and dimly lit and the food and drinks are fantastic. The location is prime and there is a lovely outdoor space.

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        5 Ninth sounds lovely, does it have booths? It is on the list I gave her as good place for drinks....

        what do you think of Asiate?

        1. re: Densible

          I don't recall booths, per se...more like one large pew, tables and chairs.
          Asiate is gorgeous, but I think that 5 Ninth is much more romantic and your niece will love the surrounding neighborhood, which is the Meatpacking District.