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Around St. Joe's Hospital(PHX)?

My mom has been at St Joes the last few days...we live down in Chandler and don't get up this way too often. Have been going to see her at night and are usually starving by the time we leave around 8. Besides My Florist Cafe any suggestions for something inexpensive, fairly quick but tasty(comforting would be a good plus!) in the immediate area(7th Ave and Thomas)?

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  1. Unfortunately, a lot of the inexpensive places in Midtown are closed by eight. Z Pizza is just across the street from St. Joe's on the south side of Thomas and is open at that time.

    Here's a recent thread on the same area:


    1. Oh, thanks! That's really helpful!

      1. I used to live at Central and Thomas.

        Pino's Pizza at 2nd and Thomas is AWESOME.
        Honey Bears BBQ at Central and Thomas is good as well.
        I'm a huge fan of China Chili at Osborn and 3rd Street, yum best casual chinese in the city.

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          Just as an FYI, Pino's shuts down at 8. Also, are you sure China Chili is on 3rd St? I know they used to be on *Central* at Osborn, but closed that location (due to the light rail construction?) and were supposed to open at a new location. Just wondering if the move already happened. If so, that would be great, as it's one of our favorites in that area.

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            Never mind about my China Chili question. I see it was answered in the thread referenced above. :-)

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              they have been open in that location for nearly 6 months now. It's where the old Van's California Daze used to be.

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                Due to all the construction craziness on Central, I've kind of been been avoiding that area since I came back to town last September. I'm glad to hear that they're still nearby. Sometimes I catch myself daydreaming about their tofu pillows and their spicy eggplant.

          2. La Pinata has decent Sonoran style Mexican food that is fairly inexpensive. They are at 19th Avenue and Osborn.

            1. Looks like she'll be staying through the weekend at least. Last night she was craving a good pizza. I was going to bring her one from Pino's tomorrow(she's not on any dietary restrictions) but it's closed on weekends and Bianco doesn't do take out...any suggestions for good pizza around there? (have never tried Z Pizza...?)

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                mammamia is the expert on the board on Pino's, so I hope she will chime in. As for Z Pizza, my office on Central orders from them all the time and we really like it. It is a bit pricey, but the ingredients have always been very fresh and they have some creative offerings.

                I haven't been in ages, but Pizza Heaven on 7th Street just north of Camelback Road has fans and gets good reviews. And it isn't a far drive, although you will have to deal with the Light Rail construction.

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                  Yeah pino only opens on the weekdays from 11-2 and then 5-8

                  he does well

                  the ONLY other option is Cibo on 5th Avenue and Fillmore. Z Pizza in my mind is not an option, just awful.

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                    We just had Z Pizza for dinner tonight...heh. It's the only option for delivery in this area. That's really your only option. Why you no like?

                    Too bad Pino's isn't open. When I was in the hospital after having beastie #1, Papamia ran over and got us a pizza for in-room dining. He said the only thing the nurse said was, "You went to Pino's and didn't get me anything???".

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                      Zoe's @7AV/McDowell is another choice for good basic(read: not fancy) food.

                      El Patio @7AV/Osborn always has cars, although I've never been there myself.

                      The 5th Ave Cafe @5AV/Thomas is pretty good for all the comfort stuff, according to my hair stylist just down the way. Sadly, I haven't seen a lot of activity there in the past few weeks. I hope they didn't close.

                      To the original poster: Try Z Pizza one of these nights. If you like a bbq chicken slant on your pizza, their ZBQ is pretty good. We had the American, which is their version of a delux or supreme. It was good. They have some other fancy variations if you're so inclined. I do really like their Z Pesto pasta as well.

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                        I am a big fan of Z Pizza's Provence with the artichoke hearts and capers. I have always found their pizza quite good and fresh.

                        For the OP, here is their "creative" menu, but they have traditional styles as well.


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                        Interesting comment about bringing pizza into the hospital. I discovered Z Pizza a few months ago when my wife was at St. Joe's after giving birth. The flavorful pizza we had with tomatoes, basil, and garlic was a welcome break from bland hospital food. If we have another baby, we'll have to bring Pino's into the room.