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Apr 12, 2007 02:21 PM

Torta Di La Nonna

I am looking for torta di la nonna. The version i know from when I was little in Italy had some sort of almond paste with pine nuts and powdered sugar on top. I know that bindi makes it and I ahve seen the bindi version in one or two places around Arthur Avenue. anyone else know where I can find this cake preferably a non bindi version.

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  1. taralucci e vino has it.

    1. For the record, it's torta della nonna. I haven't been to Il Bagatto in years but used to really like their rendition of this rich dessert.

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        right, I realized that after posting and was worried no one would respond because of the incorrect spelling but thank you anyways. I also found a way to search menus by name of food through menupages that has listed about 10-15 places that have torta della nonna (unfortunetly many are nicer restaurants). Very useful tool nonetheless.