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Apr 12, 2007 02:12 PM

Mezze on Lakeshore in Oakland - Feedback?

We had a wonderful few meals there recently. The service was great - very helpful and friendly Staff. Wonderful crisp pizzettas and a good well balanced list of starters ranging from a delicious take on a Meditteranean style Caesar salad to mussels in pernod.
Dinners were tasty as well. We had a delicious seared Ahi and roast chicken. They have great entrees all around and a nice ampling of desserts.

Would highly recommend. Would like to hear from others that have gone there.

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  1. I keep forgetting about this place.

    I hope it's doing well.

    I was there about 3-4 years ago when it was pretty new.
    I wanted to like it - I thought Lakeshore badly needed a high end destination restaurant. This visit was not too long after a BayWolf visit, when I had a disappointing meal. So I couldn't help comparing them (very different food, but still...), and I have to say I liked it better than I did BayWolf.

    Perhaps it's unfair to do this (namely, making a new restaurant bear the burden of becoming THE high end place on the block, even in the entire city!) but I keep hoping for a bit of upscale sophistication (what's so wrong with that?) when it comes to the dining scene in Oakland.

    Anyway, I loved the interior, food was good, but something bothered me. It wasn't really the fault of the chef, owners or the servers. It was the attitude of the diners that was jarring, considering the nice setting. Too laid-back and casual - kids were walking around. It was distracting.

    I'm sure the restaurant has gone through identity evaluations (crises?). I remember it aspiring to become a bona fide high end restaurant, but I don't think it has become one. I hope they've found their most appropriate niche.

    Another restaurant I wish well.

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      My wife and I enjoyed this place a lot. They used to have (maybe still do) a prix-fixe menu for "early birds" that was a great value. We've also gone and just sat at the bar for dessert after dining at another restaurant.

      Last time we were there, we took our son, probably 1 year old at the time, and relatives in from out of town. Food was good, service was good, except they made a bit of a production with putting down plastic under the high chair. He was barely eating solid food at the time, and was quiet and calm during the meal. It didn't prevent us from going back, but at the same time, we havn't been back.

      We heard just last week from other parents at our son's preschool that they live in the neighborhood and go there occasionally, generally sitting at the bar area to eat.

      I don't want to start a discussion on whether or not kids belong in nice restaurants, but I think when the restaurant is pretty much in a neighborhood setting, it needs to accommodate families dining together. Which doesn't mean they shouldn't have good food, great service, creative menu items, or other aspects that hounds enjoy.

      1. re: Bryan Gros

        Your child might have been great, but there are families that are horrors. I remember having breakfast at Townsend and this couple had a baby who was just old enough to eat. They gave the kid scrambled eggs and I watched as the kid picked up the food and threw it in little pieces on the floor. The parents ... deep in conversation ... did not one thing to correct the situation, made no attempt to clean up, were, in fact, really pissy to the server for no reason, did not apoligize and left no tip. So the restaurant has good families along with the bad. I am sure that waitress who was cleaning up the mess ... it was horrid ... wished there was some plastic under the chair. I don't want to start a discussion either, but just wanted to offer a perspective. I also gave the server an extra tip making it clear why. She did nothing to deserve that treatment.

        1. re: rworange

          You're right. My niece is at that stage, and her parents tip quite lavishly to make up for the inevitable mess.