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Apr 12, 2007 02:07 PM

Bachelor Party

I am getting married this July and hoping to have a bachelor party in Boston. I am pretty chill - just want a good night with friends, food, and drinks. Any suggestions on a good place to start for dinner, then drinks? I want it to be an environment that is lively and fun, but a place where I can still talk to everyone and just hang out. Thanks!

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        1. re: hotoynoodle

          late 20s to mid 30s. tough to give a price point. all professionals but i don't expect people to go too crazy (although i am a bit of a foodie)

          1. re: drewames03

            For a fun and lively place with a casual vibe that's good for the late 20's/early 30's crowd, I would give my vote to Stella. It may be a bit noisy, but by being in the South End, you'll have access to many places to grab cocktails afterwards.

            Another recommendation is Eastern Standard (just don't plan it there if the Sox are in town.) Great cocktails, decent food and even the pickiest eaters will find something they like.

            I also like Rendez-Vous in Central Square, which has been mentioned on the boards quite a bit lately. I find them to have good food, not too pricey and there's quite a few bars in Cambridge that you can check out afterwards.

            There's also always Cambridge Brewing Company. Great selection of beers, nice patio outside, ok food and a very relaxed atmosphere.

            Since it will be July, there's a lot of places that offer outdoor dining. Hopefully, someone can give you those recommendations because I'm strictly an indoor eater.


    1. I think B-Side Lounge would be a great option here - good cocktails and beer - fairly good food, definitely a good atmosphere for that kind of thing. Eastern Standard is also a good option though a bit more upscale. Personally if it were MY bachelor party and I were to do it this way (let's not talk about what actually happened...) I would want to shoot for East Coast Grill, but maybe that's because I have few memories of leaving that place sober.

      1. I'm not always a fan of steakhouses, but somehow the occasion seems to call for beef. Some thoughts on the dinner part of your evening:

        High-end American steakhouse: Grill 23. Very loud, clubby, a bit posh, but all testosterone. Good drinks.

        Mid-priced American steakhouse: The Stockyard. Casual, far cheaper (no aged beef here), unpretentious, big drinks. A blue-collar steakhouse.

        French (for a good steak frites): Brasserie Jo. The most capacious and noisy of the French bistros; some Alsatian dishes (like the excellent flammekeuche) and very good, oversized cocktails are a plus.

        Korean (for Korean BBQ): Koreana, the fanciest of the Korean places with grill tables, an unusual and extremely tasty way to get your steak on.

        Argentine (for churrasco rodizio, South American-style steakhouse dining, all you can eat of many meats, mainly beef): the Midwest Grill. Fun, casual, a bargain, and with a bunch of guys, usually an eating contest (and a Fear Factor one, too: who's having chicken hearts?)

        BBQ (for Texas beef brisket and burnt ends): East Coast Grill. Casual, loud, with real slow-smoke barbecue that's very fine (as Yankee BBQ goes), plus excellent raw bar and wood-fire grilled seafood. Decent cocktails, though they've slipped a bit on this score.

        1. i had my bachelor party last july in boston. we did fleming's steakhouse for dinner because while it's still expensive it's a few bucks cheaper than the other bigtime steakhouses in boston. they gave us a great table and didn't mind at all that we were a bit lively and boisterous. After dinner we got the VIP room at cigar masters. that was a ton of fun and 10 people will definitely fit there. later on we went to centerfolds. the manager at flemings got us free passes to centerfolds (usually 20 bucks a person)
          i've also done a bachelor party at dick's last resort. totally cheesey but surprisingly fun b/c we were the only bachelor party among 5 bachelorette parties so we all had a blast together.

          1. If you don't mind going a bit north of Boston, I think it'd be fun to start with dinner at the Kowloon on Route 1 in Saugus, then maybe move on to Giggles, which is a comedy club within Prince Pizza on the other side of the highway (about a mile north of Kowloon). Definitely a casual, more downscale night, but lots of fun!

            Re: Other responses.....I think a place like Eastern Standard would be good if you're looking for a classier night, but do you really want classy for your bachelor party? ;-) Also, I have actually been to a bachelor party at The Stockyard, and while the food was mostly average, it was a GREAT time. We had a long table in the middle of the place and had hours of laughs there. And the final bill wasn't too bad, either.

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            1. re: hiddenboston

              I'll second your opinion on Eastern Standard...did you ever notice that for some folks that restaurant is the recommendation, no matter what the occasion? 30 kids? Eastern Standard, Bachelor Party? Eastern Standard, casual and cheap night? Eastern Standard. To me Eastern Standard is a nice, fine dining loc, and definitely worth going to for a foodie experience, but it's not the answer to all dining options.

              1. re: chowciao

                It is the almost laughable universal recommendation but the OP said he wanted "lively and fun" and a "good night with food and drinks". ES definitely fits that bill.

                1. re: chowciao

                  ESK is an incredibly versatile place: broad menu (from the adventurous to the pedestrian), room for big parties, lively atmosphere, superb bartending.

                  I keep cautioning folks, however, that service in the dining room (and on the patio) remains very inconsistent, a problem they have had from Day One, which is baffling to me, given the old pros involved. It's also not as much fun when it is jammed with pre-game Sox fans. By far my best experiences there have been at the bar.