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Apr 12, 2007 02:03 PM


Have been recommended to go to Normas and Sara Beths Kitchen for breakfast.Which is better and which one should I go to.

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  1. Norma's..Wonderful and inventive breakfast dishes and you can make reservations...Lovely room...though expensive, I would never miss it when in NY...

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        I called the hotel and she said Normas does not take reservationsbut everyone says they take them.Any ideas?

    1. Norma's is really amazing, I went there a few days ago while on holiday in NY and I loved it. I'd recommend the French toast with caramel sauce. They don't accept reservations by phone but you can use to get one.

      1. Sarabeths is the original upscale breakfast restaurant in NYC. I once ordered the oatmeal with wheat berries and she came and talked to me to meet who was eating oatmeal in the summer. I love her she is the great cook and the most down to earth friendly restaurant owner. She is alike a mother hen over her restaurants and products. She makes her wonderful baked goods and jams.

        1. NORMAS is by far the best breakfast in NYC. Everytime i go there, i have an amazing meal!! my favorite dishes are the quesadillas and the berry risotto.