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Apr 12, 2007 02:03 PM

Whole Foods recommendations

Dommy's recommendation for chocolate covered corn chips has me wanting to make a trip to the Pasadena Whole Foods. I remember in the past people have mentioned their favorite take out items and bakery goods from WF. Even hamburgers were mentioned. I'm wondering which items should I not miss while I'm there. Thanx for any input.

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  1. I love their falafel.

    I've also heard they have great soups, but I haven't personally tried them.

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      Wow, I wish our Whole Foods had falafel!!! Second the soups recommendation...Think they have wonderful artisian breads, am addicted to their jalapeno pimento cheese, and speaking of cheese, they have some wonderful selections...Their pizzas are quite good as well..Even like their chinese dumplings....

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        In case you're curious - the West Hollywood location is where I was referring to for the falafel - corner of Santa Monica & Fairfax. I didn't realize that not all locations made it...

    2. If you're in the market for cake, I just picked up an old fashioned chocolate cake from their bakery that was incredible. Nice, light frosting, really chocolatey, wonderful!!!

        1. I really like their chili and soups. I generally get the chili, chicken noodle, or vegetable soup. It's pretty healthy and not super salty.

          I also like their roasted chicken with no salt. Because there are a ton of herbs, the chicken is quite tasty, even with no salt. I just hate roasted chicken that is too salty.

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            Wow! That is what keeps from buying Rotisserie Chicken, the salt... but good to know! :D


          2. Just got back from there about ten minutes ago! They have some nice-looking Italian wines on sale for well under $10, and I scored the next-to-last pound box of Canadian salt cod for $10.99. I actually went in only for my monthly 3 lbs. of steel-cut oats - at $1.99/lb. they're cheaper than anything you'll find in a box. Downside is they're in an open bin next to the white jasmine rice and the orange lentils, both of which tend to get spilled in by sloppy customers, but I've kinda gotten used to lentils in my oatmeal...

            They're also pushing Spanish stuff in the deli, with two different cheeses and some dried chorizo on the sample platters. Didn't get any of those, since I hadn't gotten a basket (just going for oats, remember) and the oats, cod and bottle of Sangiovese ($4.99) had me just about at capacity, but I sure did taste. Yum.

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              The pizza can be really good -- a little greasy and rich, but that's not a bad thing! I've tried both the white pizza and another one -- sausage, I think -- at both Glendale and Third St. locations and they're really tasty. (that's the fresh pizza you order by the cut from behind the counter, not frozen).