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Apr 12, 2007 01:48 PM


I am looking for a nice, conversation friendly place for drinks with maybe small plates for a post work -pre dinner thing. A good wine list with a variety of wines and prices would be key but also have a good variety of other drinks too. Not too concerned about location, but if I can stumble to the Metro that would be good.

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  1. DC/MD/or VA? Know you said you aren't too concerned, but the metro is big.

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      1. re: Francis

        Easy answers on this one from me:

        Cleveland Park - Dino- great small plates, great cheese, amazing wine list for glasses (I'm drinking a lot of the Dolcetto Di Olvada). Only 9 seats at the bar, but if you are going there post work, you'll get one I think.

        I'm spending a lot of time at Bourbon these days in Adams morgan- a small walk to the metro, but a nice selection of wines

        I really like Eleventh Street in Clarendon for their wine selection and for Antonio Burrell's small plates.

        I love Vidalia's bar in DuPont Circle/Farragut North- wonderful wines, excellent small plates.

        I've been going to Poste every now and again- the truffle frites and tartar are excellent as is their wine list and drink list.

        1. re: jpschust

          the only quality to Bourbon is the outdoor seating area.

          Otherwise, super overpriced for simply "eh" wine selection.

          1. re: Jeserf

            woah woah.. Jesserf... Bourbon's waffle old bay fries are damn good and dare I say quality. But I agree I think their wine is overpriced too.
            To the OP. Local 16th is great early in the night. BUt if you go too late it can be a mob scene. It is a few blocks from either the dupont (rd line) or 14th and U (green line stops). they have good drinks a nice bar and a roof deck that is nice. Their food can be forgotten but they have a nice drink selection and decent wine. Plus ther are many spots to move to if your night turns into a longer one.

            1. re: Jeserf

              OK, now you're on crack- the wine selection for a bar is very good and I don't think the prices are anything high relative to the area.

              Their food is also the best on the strip in Adams Morgan (in a bar that is, leave out Cashion's, Little Fountain, etc.). The ostrich burger which you won't eat is truly outstanding when prepared rare. The grilled cheese and tomato soup is out of this world, especially because of the curry in the soup. The tots and fries are excellent, the beans are wonderful. Can you tell I like their food just a scoch?

              1. re: jpschust

                right - for the area! If they had a fabulous wine selection (yes, like Dino) then it'd be different - but Hess Select for like $10 a glass?

                Some people are happy to overlook that. For hard liquor, it's a good place. If you can get a seat outside. I happen to think the Glover Park location is more relaxed to enjoy a drink, but a considerably older group.

      2. We enjoyed the small bar inside the Hay Adams hotel...

        1. Taberna del Alabardero - excellent Spanish tapas at the bar, Farragut West
          701 - terrific bar with small plates right at the Archives/Penn Quarter Metro
          Butterfield 9 - excellent season food in small plate format at a lovely bar, Metro Center

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            And if you go to Taberna del Alabardero during Happy Hour they have a great deal on both wine and appetizers.....they might even be free or 1/2 off...I can't remember. It's been awhile. I just know its an excellent deal and much cheaper then eating a full meal there.

          2. EatBar in Clarendon (it's attached to Tallula) has an ever changing food and drink menu.

            1. Sounds like Sonoma might be good for you. Within walking distance to Capitol South.