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Apr 12, 2007 01:08 PM

Anyone tried Sparkfish in West Bridgewater?

Has anyone tried this new placed located on RT 28where Gary's used to be? The couple who own it run the original Sparkfish in Brewster? Anyone have any comments on the one in West Bridgewater? If not, as a way to compare how is the one in Brewster.

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  1. The one in Brewster---though this may get moved to the New Eng. board--is eh, and eh alone.

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    1. Pretty lame place. Food was mediocre and pricy. Won't be going back

      1. I was in Brewster this past weekend. There is a large orange sign across the windows of the restaurant reading "SEIZED." A local shopkeeper told me the owners are in arrears for $146,000 in back taxes.

        1. Gary is running it again, now its called Garabaldis. i work there and everything on the menu is very reasonable[ everythings under $10 for the food] we are open wed.- thru sunday 4 to 9 and on sunday 1130 to 9